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"The Bachelor's" Lauren Burnham Is Asking Her Followers For Parenting Tips

Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham's baby is almost here. The Bachelor Season 22 alums are expecting their first child, a daughter, any day now. So it makes sense that Lauren Burnham is asking for parenting advice ahead of her daughter's arrival — because every first time parent needs a little help. And luckily, people are so willing to help the mom-to-be.

The Bachelor community is strong, which makes sense why the couple is relying on "Bachelor nation" to help them out with one of the hardest challenges around — becoming a parent for the first time. Burnham is due some time in early June, according to People, which means she is counting down the days until she can finally be a mother. While that comes with a lot of excitement, that also comes with a lot of nerves, which could be why she is relying on her friends and followers for some wisdom.

In an Instagram post over the weekend, Burnham asked her followers to share their best (no b.s.) advice and experiences with having babies — for her sake and the sake of her followers. "Regardless of how ideal your situation may be or look to someone else, what brings us together is sharing these experiences and letting our friends know it will be worth it in the end," Burnham wrote in the caption of the post.

This prompted so many people to share their advice and wisdom, including some familiar names and faces from Bachelor nation.

Burnham's fellow Season 22 competitor (and new mom), Bekah Martinez, had some pretty amazing advice to give to her. "Ask for all the help you need, it's OK to say no to visitors, it's OK to not want to leave the house, it's OK to stay in bed all day, it's OK to let the laundry pile up," she wrote. "Oh and you might not have a bond with your baby and that's OK," she added. "You might not have those immediate tears of joy and feelings of love that everyone talks about but that doesn't make you a bad mom."

Martinez is probably one of the first people that Burnham should go to for advice — she has dealt with all of these emotions (and more) over the past year. In September, Martinez announced that she was expecting her first child with her boyfriend of three months, Grayston Leonard, according to People. This February, Martinez gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Ruth Ray, according to E! News. Since then, Martinez has been mom shamed and shared plenty of advice on her own Instagram account.

But people who are not in Bachelor Nation were also quick to share their advice with Burnham. "Give her a lot of grace," one commenter wrote.

"Trust your instincts about everyone's advice," another commenter (smartly) added.

It makes sense why Burnham would need all of this advice now. Last week, she announced on Instagram that she is 36 weeks pregnant (so exciting) and has one month left in her pregnancy. But it hasn't been incredibly easy on her. In the beginning of this month, Burnham took to Instagram to share that her baby is in breach, and she isn't happy about it, according to Us Weekly. "We just went to our 36 week appointment today, and the baby is still in breach, unfortunately, and the reason I think that it's unfortunate for me is because that wasn't part of my plan, originally," she shared.

Burnham should read all of this advice, carefully, then. Most parents in her comments shared one very important piece of advice — expect the unexpected. When it comes to parenting, there isn't much you can do to prepare. All you can do is cross your fingers and hope for the best.