I Am 100% Here For Bath & Body Works' Vampire Blood Candles & Other Spooky Stuff

I don't know about you, but I am ready for cool weather, spooky movies, warm-scented candles, and giant bags of chocolate that I pretend I'm going to share with others. That's why I'm so excited for Bath & Body Works' new Halloween line, which perfectly straddles the spooky-cute border we all love about the holiday.

It's true that Halloween might look a bit different this year, so we will all be looking for new ways to get in the spirit of the holiday. Personally, I want to go overboard. I want to walk into my house and feel like I'm stepping into a Halloween catalogue for the "She's Trying Too Hard" store. From the sanitizer at the door, to the candles burning, to the lotion beside the sinks, everything is going to feel like a Sanderson sister picked it up on her way to mesmerize a party of unsuspecting parents. I want Halloween to run amok in my house, and I'm starting with all the fun stuff in Bath & Body Works' new Halloween line — and not only because they always send me the best coupons. (Though that doesn't hurt.)

They went hard this year with some of the silliest and spookiest products they've ever made, and it will really bring some sweet-scented fun to your house.


Vampire Blood Candle

This is just the sort of thing I love as a former goth teenager who still fancies herself a little bit dark, but also makes a lot of sugar cookies and has been deemed "kissy huggy" by my children. It's diet goth. Goth lite. It's Bath & Body Works strawberry-and-jasmine scented goth.


Crystal Ball 3-Wick Candle

Isn't this so cute? It goes on top of your three-wick candles and glows. For $8, it's the perfect little something to add to your decor. Put in on a center table, maybe have some tarot cards out or an Oracle deck, and this crystal ball candle topper. It's basically perfect.


Sanitizer That Looks Like Blood

It's 68% alcohol, which is arguably the most important thing when it comes to sanitizer, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, just like the candle, these vampire blood sanitizers are just a little bit creepy, but more than a little bit fun. I can't wait to pull this out in front of people at the grocery store.


Hand Soap Holder

I love a good soap holder, as any granddaughter of a Southern woman, and while my MawMaw would probably prefer that I make my own, I did not inherit her artistic capabilities. Therefore, I will let Bath & Body Works do the hard part, and I will remember to refill it before it runs out.


Spooky Chandelier Nightlight

I'm going to keep this up all year. I think it will go splendidly with my collection of gaudy gold mirrors and my black velvet sofa. (My home is what I like to describe as "maximalist modern bordello-chic.") Plus, I always seem to stub my toe when I wake up for my morning runs, so hopefully this will illuminate my path just enough to prevent that.


Mummy Pedestal

Do I need a mummy pedestal that glows in the dark? Obviously. I mean, who doesn't? If I fill it with a candle that smells like pumpkin, I'm only amping up the beauty of the object, right? It will go perfectly with my mummy hand candy bowl that only I am allowed to draw from.


Black Cat Scent Diffuser

OK, so I already have two real black cats, but why not add to the collection by having a diffuser shaped as a Halloween cat? My whole house is going to smell like a bonfire wrapped in marshmallow while a pumpkin pie bakes in the wall oven for the whole dang season.


Disco Skull

Glam, but make it halloween. I am 100% here for it. I would like for it to also be in silver, but since gold is my favorite, I won't complain too much. If I get enough of them, I can keep them lit all year long. I really do love skull decor.