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Expect The 'Below Deck Mediterranean' Cast To Make Waves In Season 4

When Below Deck Mediterranean returns to Bravo for Season 4 on Jun. 3, the crew of Cap'n Sandy's yacht will be cruising through the South of France. You can expect gorgeous scenery, bungled French, and all the drama that comes from enclosing several people on a boat in the middle of the sea. Many cast members are returning, but there will be some new faces as well. So say bonjour to the Below Deck Mediterranean cast for Season 4. You'll get to know them a lot better in the next few weeks, but why not make introductions now?

Three crew members will be back to join Captain Sandy on this latest voyage, though she hasn't always had positive interactions with all of them. Deckhands João Franco and Colin Macy-O'Toole are going to sail the high seas once again, though João has had a promotion: he's now a bosun, which gives him more responsibility over the boat's equipment and the rest of the crew. Chief stew Hannah Ferrier returns as well, despite the fact that she and Sandy have clashed before. Per People, Hannah tries to smooth things over in Season 4, though she doesn't always succeed.

But those are only a few of the cast and crew who will be sailing along on the Sirocco. Without further ado, here's everyone you'll be spending this season of Below Deck Med with.

Captain Sandy Yawn

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Captain Sandy Yawn endeared herself to viewers during her time on the series, so fans can rest assured that she'll be there once again to make sure the yacht stays on course.

Hannah Ferrier & Colin Macy-O'Toole

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Hannah may be angling for a redemption story in Season 4, but that's probably not a worry for Colin. He's already pretty popular, with chief stew Kate Chastain declaring him the cutest of all time on Twitter, according to Bravo.

João Franco

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João will be dealing with all the pressures of his new position this year, which may not leave time for the complicated love triangles of yore — unless he's really good at time management.

Mila Kolomeitseva


Mila is one of the new members of the crew, but her appointment to the yacht is particularly special. She's the first female chef in Below Deck franchise history.

Aesha Scott

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Aesha also joins the crew this season as second stew. According to Decider, she claims that she has "the work ethic of someone in their 30s, the body of someone in their 20s, and the mind of a boy going through puberty." Sounds like a good mix if your end goal is to create maximum drama.

Anastasia Surmava

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Third stew Anastasia is another new arrival. Her Bravo bio reveals that she was born in the Republic of Georgia, but grew up in the United States. She became involved in the seafaring life after she dated a captain, and she approaches her job with dedication and a perfectionist streak.

Travis Michalzik

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Travis is a new deckhand whose Bravo bio reads like the blurb on a Bret Easton Ellis novel (I kid). Apparently, he's spent the last eight years "living the life as a jokester, party boy 'yachtie' with a work hard, play harder attitude."

Jack Stirrup

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Also a new deckhand, Jack hails from Liverpool and previously worked in the Merchant Navy as an engineer. His Bravo bio makes a point of announcing that he's "quite the ladies' man," so I assume romantic entanglements may follow him in Season 4.

Below Deck Med will continue to deliver all the oceanic amusements fans have come to expect, though it'll be difficult to predict what kind of waves the new cast members might make.