The Best 2019 Advent Calendars For The Whole Family

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Every year, one of the things I look forward to the most about Christmas is buying the new advent calendars. There's something wonderful about how they force you to stay connected to the deeper meaning of the holiday, even amidst the chaos. The best 2019 advent calendars are the most unique, and they must have something to discover — even if you're adding it yourself.

I once bought an advent calendar for my kids where you would match the sticker to a place on a large picture, one for every day of the season, until finally, baby Jesus shows up and there's a party. While the symbolism was lovely, I'll admit, I missed the little prize. I'm not asking for gold, frankincense, or myrrh (I mean, who even knows what to do with frankincense or myrrh anyway), but a little chocolate, or a beer, or a bag of tea to try is just lovely. I don't need them to celebrate the wonder of the holiday, but it does give me a bit of extra joy.

Also, my children adore it when they open one of the boxes to find a note that my husband or I have written only to them, along with a little Hershey's kiss or mini bag of M&Ms. It is a special tradition that warms all of our hearts, and so do these 20 advent calendars.

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