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The Best April Fool’s Jokes From Twitter Will Remind You Why This Is A Holiday


April Fool's Day is here! The best course of action is to stay inside, don't look at your phone, and, most of all, trust no one. That said, there have been some good jokes this year already (and things are always more funny when they don't involve you). To get in the spirit, here's a roundup of the best April Fool's jokes from Twitter. Enjoy.

April Fool's is a bizarre holiday, isn't it? It seems appropriate that it has equally bizarre origins. According to The Huffington Post, the holiday (which is not a "holy day," to be clear) most likely began in 1582 when Pope Gregory XIII decided to move everyone over to the "Gregorian" calendar, so named in his honor. The switch was huge. It moved New Year's Day to it's current spot on Jan. 1 from where it was then, which was around the end of March. Of course there wasn't really a mainstream media back then, and there definitely wasn't Twitter, so, naturally some people just didn't get the memo. Those poor saps kept celebrating on April 1, earning them the badge of "fools." April Fools, to be exact. If humans can agree on anything, it's how fun it is to mock other people. It's definitely a thread that ties us all together. The holiday morphed from that original mocking to include pranking, mischief, revelry, and now we find ourselves here, in the present, reading April Fool's jokes on Twitter. Some of these would probably make even Pope Gregory XIII proud.

These Kids Are So Sad

Twitter user @joeheenan did a great job teaching his kids to lower their expectations. In life, sometimes it's not an iPad; sometimes it's just a box.

Another Box Joke...

There's nothing more exciting than walking into work and seeing boxes of piping hot dough... oh, wait. Oh. Oh, I see. Carrot sticks.

This Car Is Going Nowhere Fast

What do you even do in this situation? Really, there's only one option: sit down. Cry.

Mark Zuckerberg's New Fashion Line Is Shaking Up The Industry

Mark Zuckerberg teamed up with H&M to launch a new line of neutral basics, for the tech exec on the go in all of us. What more do you need than a bunch of green-gray t-shirts and a pair of pants to start an Internet empire? Apparently nothing. Also, check out the website. It's amazing.

This Sad Truth

This is a little morbid to be called a "joke," per se, but it's pretty funny and just plain true. Everyone's just waiting for the punchline and you're like, no, really. I'm dead. Stop calling me.

Everyone's Secret Hope

It's all been leading up to this big payoff. So, whenever you're ready, The Donald, to come out and say, gotcha! Go ahead. Go right ahead. Please say it.

@maureenjohnson puts it best:

You're One Of Those Funny Guys, Aren't You?

Rand Paul's April Fool's joke was hinting that he was about to announce his endorsement of Donald Trump. Luckily he didn't take the joke much further. That would've been a yuge mistake.

Move Along

She's not alone here. Who's got time on a perfectly good Friday for this nonsense? Shut the door.

Surely Not... Right?

Is this a joke? They say it's "not an #AprilFools," but, come on! Is it? Don't play with our emotions.

No. Just... No.

I can't unsee this image.

In conclusion, keep your wits about you, Twitter-nauts. It's dangerous out there today. And sorry to all those people whose birthday it is, who become pregnant, who get pulled over, who miss their flights, and so on. This day shall pass.