The Best #BackToSchool Tweets That Prove Parents Have Been Counting Down The Minutes

That's right, it's back to school time. This time of year is always met with mixed emotions. On one hand, it's an exciting time of new beginnings, school supplies, and a fresh start to a new year. On the other, back to school time means leaving the lazy days of summer behind. On Twitter, students, parents, and teachers are all sharing all of their back to school emotions, ranging from anxiety to something akin to getting sprung from Shawshank. Regardless of where you stand on back to school, there's definitely someone going through the same thing on Twitter. Here are a few of the best #BacktoSchool tweets.

Back to school social media posts generally fit into one of several categories. First there are the earnest, "First Day" photos of kids all fresh and clean, carrying their new backpacks ready to head out to take on a new school year. These images are usually accompanied by a traditional, "Where has the time gone!?" sort of caption. These posts are sweet and you don't even have to know the kids in the pictures to get a sense of the excitement everyone is feeling.

Then there are the posts expressing a deep sadness over the end of summer. A new school year means early wake ups and homework for days.

But my personal favorite posts are those from exhausted moms who are completely out of fun ideas to keep their kids occupied over those long weeks of summer and are all too happy to let their kids' teacher tap in for a few months.

Here are some of the best #BackToSchool tweets so far from this school year.

Books are expensive, y'all!

Supply lists can be pretty random.

OK ladies now let's get information...

Time to get serious...

This is the time of year teachers live for...

Moms too, but for a different reason.

Freedom! Also, bonus points for the total mom George Michael track.


There will be piles of paperwork that ask for information you don't know...

But it's totally worth it.

Back to school doesn't come cheap for moms.

But no matter how happy mom is to send kids back to school, there's always a little brother or sister sad to be left behind.

So to everyone and their families heading back to school, good luck and go get 'em. And if you want to hang out with a bunch of happy moms, head down to your local Starbucks this morning for a hearty round of Back to School high fives!