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The Best Bernie Sanders Quotes From His Super Tuesday Speech In Vermont Were Inspiring

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders delivered a victory speech to supporters in his home state early Tuesday evening after he was named the projected winner. Sanders, who is actually an independent running for the Democratic nomination, took the stage soon after polls closed to thank his supporters and look forward to the next stops on his campaign. During Sanders' speech, he addressed the many issues he has been talking about for months — like education and economic inequality — he emphasized his "Vermont values," according to Business Insider, but some of the best Bernie Sanders quotes from his Super Tuesday speech addressed the election (and our electoral process).

Why? Well, because Sanders' message isn't really resonating right now. Amongst his Democratic colleagues, Sanders has little support, according to The Daily Beast, and that is probably due to the fact Sanders' is an Independent. (In fact, out of 3,175 Democratic state legislators, just 115 legislators support Sanders.) And even the general opinion of him is slipping. While no one knows why, many believe it is because of how he speaks — Sanders speaks of things, like race — in the abstract. He shares statistics and numbers, wheras Clinton tries to make things personal, according to The Atlantic.

But that doesn't mean Sanders doesn't have a lot to great and important things to say — and tonight's speech proves that — it just means many of those things are about this election, and the future of America, according to Business Insider:

This campaign is not just about electing a president. It is about transforming America.

And there were more remarks about the "establishment" and "American democracy":

"Many of the establishments people think that I am looking, thinking too big. I don't think so. Let me go on the record and say what you've heard me say for years: Health care is a right for all people."

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"We're not going to allow billionaires and their Super PACs to destroy American democracy."

"What a political revolution is about is bringing people together."


"By the end of tonight, we are going to win many hundreds of delegates."

It's clear that Sanders was trying to be a bit more appealing in his words, but it just might be a little too late.