There's So Much Gorgeous Jewelry Under $100 At The Zales Mother's Day Sale RN

by Lindsay E. Mack

Are you in the last-minute scramble to find a Mother's Day gift that's good enough for your mom? No worries. Check out the deals from the Zales Mother's Day sale for some amazing discounts on jewelry. Gemstones, gold, and even diamonds are all for sale here at prices that won't break the bank.

That's right, Zales is offering 30 to 50 percent off its entire stock, including gifts guaranteed for Mother's Day. Everything from bangle bracelets to gemstone necklaces are offered at deep discounts. Best of all, plenty of these gifts are available for $30 to $50, thanks to specials on the current jewelry stock. Plus, there's an absolute treasure trove of gifts around the $100 mark. (You can always split the cost with a sibling for a joint Mother's Day gift. Hey, what would your mom enjoy more than seeing her children cooperate for her benefit?)

And there's something for every taste as well. From understated and nature-inspired jewelry to bold, bright diamonds, the Diamond Store has a wide selection of styles. Whether she's a down-to-earth type or a glammed-up diva, your mom will appreciate something from the sale. And she'll never know you got it with less than a week to go before the big day. Hey, that's what Mother's Day sales on jewelry are all about: helping adult children or partners look super thoughtful for the holiday.


A Subtle Green Ring

Green Enamel Ring in Sterling Silver, $25, Zales

Enamel jewelry is bright and lustrous, and this sterling silver ring with its swirl design is no exception. Plus, the delicate band can be stacked with other rings for a personalized look. In fact, Zales offers a whole selection of stackable, collectible rings you can check out.


A Bold Pendant Necklace

Lab-Created Ruby and White Sapphire Frame Pendant, $48, Zales

Sometimes more is more. This bright and bold necklace is sure to make your mother proud.


A Classic Pair Of Diamond Earrings

Diamond Solitaire Stud Earrings in 10K White Gold, $100, Zales

This might be the best gift Zales offers at the moment. These diamond solitaire stud earrings are the definition of a classic accessory. They will go with any outfit and occasion, so your mom should get a lot of use out of them.


A Diamond Starburst Ring

Diamond Accent Starburst Ring in Sterling Silver, $50, Zales

This starburst ring, with its detailed design and assortment of diamond accents, is sure to make any mom proud. It's such a modern and striking piece of jewelry.


A Nature-Inspired Pendant

Tree Cutout Circle Pendant in Rose Stainless Steel, $30, Zales

For a different take on the traditional jewelry look, consider this elegant pendant. The cutout tree design is both classic and modern, and the rose iron-plated stainless steel is super durable.


A Bright Pair Of Earrings

Peridot Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver, $49, Zales

Gemstones are always in style, and these vibrant green peridot stones are perfect for the warmer months. They're cheerful and super-sparkly.


A Queenly Ring

Heart Crown Ring in Sterling Silver, $97, Zales

Doesn't your mom deserve a crown? This ring, with its enhanced blue diamonds, is fit for any queen. Plus, it's just a super cool design.


Some Floral Bangle Bracelets

Flower Station Three Bangle Set, $20, Zales

How cool is this set of bangle bracelets? The sleek steel and adorable flowers combine to create a cool look.


A Sparkly Tennis Bracelet

Lab-Created White Sapphire Tennis Bracelet, $110, Zales

It's a tennis bracelet that only looks like it cost an arm and a leg. This beautiful bracelet with its row of lab-created sapphires is sure to become a fast favorite.


A Modern Heart-Shaped Ring

Diamond Accent Heart Ring in 10K Rose Gold, $104, Zales

Heart-shaped jewelry can be a little hit or miss. But this stylish ring, with its line of diamond accents and gorgeous rose gold, is pretty much perfect.


A Minimalist Necklace

Lab-Created Sapphire & Diamond Accent Bar Necklace, $30, Zales

This bar necklace is a striking and simple design. Plus, the heart-shaped sapphire adds the perfect touch of sparkle. It's a lovely way to show appreciation for your mom this Mother's Day.

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