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The Best Dog Breed For Your Zodiac Sign, Because Personalities Matter Here

You know in your heart that it's time to bring a dog into your life, but you're also wondering which is the best breed for you. From experience, I can tell you that not all dog breeds are a match for all people. Can you handle a clever but destructive Shiba Inu? What about a feisty, fetch-loving Jack Russell Terrier? If you get a German Shepherd, can you bear the heart-breakingly intense loyalty they show? And what about a husky? Are you athletic enough to keep up with this dog-sledding breed? Truly, the best dog breed for your zodiac sign might be the only parameter you need to follow. A dog's personality and yours totally has to mesh.

Getting a dog means committing to a long-term relationship. If you're the sort of person who enters a potential (human) partner's birth date into the Love Calculator, then why not choose your new (canine) best friend with destiny in mind, too? Enter astrology, which paints a picture of 12 distinct personalities, influenced by the alignment of the stars. Before you decide on the right dog breed for you, try thinking about yourself in this light. It just might give you a better sense of what you need, and what you're looking for in fuzzy forever friend. Without further ado, here's what type of dog you should get, based on your zodiac sign.



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Aries is an independent individualist, explained Astrostyle, and that's utterly true. This hard-charging Ram is known for their stubborness, as well as their unwillingness to compromise. They're also adventurous, athletic, and outdoorsy.

You need a dog who keeps up with you on those long hikes, as well as one who won't get on your nerves by chewing your shoes to death. To me, this leaves only one perfect choice: the stately Bernese Mountain Dog. According to Outside Online, this friendly giant will climb mountains all day long, but they're also very easily trained. That will cut down on potential personality clashes.



Taurus, are you kidding me? Why don't you have a dog yet? You're an outdoorsy eco-lover, and so are 100 percent of dogs. According to, you're also an incredibly good friend, which means whatever dog you choose will be lucky to have you, too. As reported, the earth grounds you, and you're a lover of the sensual. That's why the silky soft, touchy-feely Golden Retriever is the perfect dog for you. They're loyal, easy to train, and will love soaking up the sun in the garden with you.



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Gemini, calls you the chameleon of the zodiac, because you so easily blend with different energies, and different groups of people. Like the twins in your stars, you have two distinct sides. You're happy to be with people, but you need solitude, too, says So how about a dog that will love you to distraction, but still give you your space? The noble Shiba Inu is often compared to cats in their self-sufficiency. They're also bold and spirited, according to Vet Street. Oh, and they're almost as foxy as you.



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Cancer, you and I both know you're a lovebug, and that you'll cherish any dog. According to Astrology-Zodiac-Signs, you're also a bit of a homebody, though. Dogvills recommended an affectionate, low-key Yorkie for those who prefer a cozy night at home. So many snuggles!



I'm sorry, Leo, but the dog you need is a cat.

You're a natural-born leader and a very social creature, according to Zodiac Fire, but you're also deeply ambitious, which means you're likely to be working all day long. A cat will be a great companion for you, without taking up too much of your valuable time. Also, your sun sign is a literal lion, so embrace your feline-side.



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Virgo, according to Zodiac Fire, you're a bit of a perfectionist. You're also highly organized, and clutter and mess averse. A neat, self-contained, non-shedding dog is in your stars, which of course leads us to the beautiful, talented poodle, which Culture Cheat Sheet called one of the "cleanest" dogs. They're smart and trainable, too, which should appeal to your verbal nature.



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According to Ganesha Speaks, Libra is kind, balanced, and a lover of all things beautiful. Pet Helpful reported that the kindly Great Dane, known to be one of the most beautiful canines, will always reflect your emotions back to you. That reinforces your steadiness, and will be great for this loyal, relaxed creature, too. In this case, Scooby-Doo is truly a match made in heaven.



According to Explore Astrology, Scorpio, you can sometimes be just a little much. Naturally intense and undeniably magnetic, you're one of the most complex signs in the zodiac, and a water sign, to boot. While you're strong and domineering enough to handle even the most challenging dog, my recommendation is to temper yourself with a chillax breed like a Labrador Retriever. As a bonus, labs love water, according to Active, which fits well with your lifestyle. Go on, Scorpio, don't take yourself too seriously. Get out there and play!



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You're open-minded, a natural traveler and explorer, reported Ganesha Speaks. Because of that, you'll want a dog that fits under an airplane seat, doesn't mind long road trips, and is just as curious and adaptable as you. Meet the Miniature American Shepherd. The American Kennel Club calls these herding dogs "energetic, versatile, rugged, and extremely bright." Also, they're travel-sized.



According to HowStuffWorks, Capricorn is disciplined and practical. You're also a born entrepreneur, so really, who knows what you'll be doing in a year? Beagles are a "friendly, curious, merry breed," known for being easy-going, wrote the American Kennel Club. This means they're the perfect dog for practical you. Oh, and with that light coat, they'll make great apartment dogs.



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Aquarius, HowStuffWorks rightly called you "free thinking and unconventional." You march to the beat of your own drummer, and you're naturally intuitive, even a twinge psychic. Any dog that loves water, like a Labrador or a Retriever, would be a great choice for you. But if you're at all athletic or willing to spend time outside, I'd recommend a Siberian Husky. Those blue eyes, and that unforgettably strange face, just remind me of you. A unique, freethinking dog, for a unique, freethinking person.



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Pisces, you move gently through life. According to AstroSpeak, you're an imaginative creature who's happiest lying on the lawn, finding figures in the passing clouds. But who's lying next to you? Call me crazy, but I think you need — nay, deserve — a German Shepherd. You're deeply compassionate, but sometimes timid, wrote AstroSpeak. You need a fiercely loyal guard-dog who's always looking out for you.

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