Best Dog Breeds For Apartment Dwellers, Because Every Home Needs A Pet

Dogs can bring so much energy and love into a home, but it's critical to choose the right pup for your lifestyle. That said, you don't have to live in a sprawling house on acres of land in order to have a happy dog. Learning about the best dog breed to get based on your apartment size is important, because some are better suited to smaller quarters than others. An intense breed that requires a lot of exercise, for instance, might drive you and all the neighbors bonkers.

The traits that make a good apartment dog might be a little surprising. In fact, you aren't just limited to the tiniest dogs imaginable, because it's really more about energy level than size. Dogs that have lower activity levels will be happy to chill on the apartment couch much of the time, as noted by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Super high-energy dogs tend to do better with lots of space to run around. Friendliness is another consideration as well. For the most part, a dog that won't bark too much and can politely meet strangers will adapt well to apartment life, as further noted by the AKC.

Whatever dog you choose, consider adopting from a shelter or breed rescue. Chat with the people who work there to get a sense of that particular dog's personality, temperament, and needs. Chances are, the rescue workers will be more than happy to place you with a dog that's perfect for the apartment-dwelling lifestyle.


For The Micro Studio

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As someone who lived in a studio apartment for years, I know that space is a premium in these living quarters. So for these apartments, a snuggly French Bulldog might be perfect, as noted in PetFinder. With its low-maintenance coat and chill personality, these dogs are an absolute joy.


For The Smallish One-Bedroom

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Nicknamed the "Velcro dog," Havanese are sweet creatures known for their tendency to stick by an owner's side. Friendly and easy to train, Havanese dogs love human companionship, according to Dogtime. They are perfect house (or apartment) dogs who do best when they're part of the family.


For The Larger One-Bedroom

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As long as they get enough exercise and attention, poodles can make great apartment pets, as noted on VetStreet. Also be sure to plan for frequent grooming trips, although the super fancy cuts aren't a necessity.


For The Two-Bedroom

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Although they're famously fast, greyhounds are sometimes nicknamed the "45 mph couch potato", as noted on We Adopt Greyhounds (WAG). These dogs love to chill and sleep, making them great apartment pets. Regular walks on a leash are fine for this breed, as further noted by WAG.


For The Three-Bedroom

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If you like a fluffier dog, then look no further than this adorable breed. As long as you're up for some daily grooming, the Pekingese make great apartment friends, as noted by Dog Time. They're happy to run around inside, and they'll take a quick spin around the block with you, too.


For The Duplex

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Maltese are another chill breed, and they enjoy the apartment life, too, as noted in Pet Helpful. Their beautiful coats will need a little grooming on the regular, but these dogs aren't prone to shedding. You can have a lovely, fluffy dog without hair covering the apartment, which is a win-win.


For The Large Loft

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The super-cute breed just begs for his own Instagram page. A medium-sized dog, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels tend to be quiet, gentle, and somewhat energetic, as explained in The Spruce Pets. One of these sweet dogs, or any of the previously mentioned breeds, would love to rock the apartment life with you.