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Help Out A New Mom By Stocking Her Freezer With These Frozen Meals From Target

In the first few weeks after giving birth, eating a decent meal seems like a far-off dream for many parents. Thankfully, frozen and ready-to-prepare meals have come a long way in recent years, with stores like Target leading the charge. And the best frozen meals at Target can be whipped up with almost no effort, and they are as delicious as they are fast.

The best part is that while all the usual suspects are present — Stouffer's, Marie Callender's, and the like — Target also has their own Archer Farms and Market Pantry branded meals, that are not only tasty, but inexpensive. Buying prepared meals can really add up after a while, but not at Target. If you add one of their pre-mixed, dressing-included salads, you honestly have a very well-rounded meal.

And really, no one is going to judge new parents if you have a few nights of taquitos and hot pretzels for dinner, because parenting is hard, and taquitos are delicious. (Pro tip: if you got an air fryer for Christmas, they make frozen taquitos taste like the real deal. Just spray them with some cooking oil and set it to 400F for about eight minutes, turning them halfway through. Absolute heaven.) But if you're wanting to fill up your freezer before your baby comes or if you're hoping to take a new mom something delicious for dinner, these are some really great options.



For under $4, this bag makes two healthy servings of creamy, rich risotto. The mushroom isn't overpowering, and the rice is somehow not overdone. If you want to up the ante on this, stir in a little fresh parm and a splash of white wine as you're reheating it. But honestly, it's good straight out of the microwave, eaten over the counter, breast pump attached to your boobs and everything.



These always sell out at my Target in Brooklyn, and for good reason. They're freaking scrumptious. The cooking directions are simple as heck, but honestly, you can just throw these right in the air fryer with some oil as well. It's a different texture, but who doesn't love a crunchy wonton? Bonus points if you add Laoganma fried chili oil to the sauce.



It's cheesy, it's filling, it tastes like potatoes and magic, and it's ready in a few minutes. I am a fan of adding in a bag of steamed broccoli so that I feel like I'm being healthy, but that's totally optional. No one is going to make you add veggies.


Orange Chicken

If you don't love PF Chang's orange chicken, I'm not sure you have taste buds. I hate chicken — hate it — but I love whatever dark magic makes this chicken so delicious. My kids love it, too. If you have kids, buy more than you think you'll need.



I am a sucker for crispy, so I toast this one up in an oven-safe dish after cooking it. I like the edges burned. I know, I'm weird. But trust me, it's good. This one is under $5, and it makes plenty.


Snacky Snack

These taste like everything bagels with hot dogs inside, and I love them. My husband dips them in mayonnaise, but he has terrible taste buds. Use honey mustard as the gods intended.


Cornbread Casserole

I love this casserole, pie, whatever this is. Do I add cheese on top? Maybe. Do I also add guac and sour cream? Yes. I'm not perfect, and I'm not proud.


Fried Rice

Is it a meal? Not technically, but if you cube up some cooked ham, and add in some spinach, it sure is. Totally valid and ready in under 10 minutes for under $10. I'm calling that a win.


Taquitos — I Don't Judge

When you admit meal defeat, these are there for you. When you get a salt craving: taquitos. When you need something crunchy? You guessed it, taquitos.


A Vegan Option

This is one of the best vegan options out there. There are tons of veggies and an equal amount of protein. It's easy to make, and even my kids like it, which is saying something.