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The Best Jokes From The Golden Globes That Viewers Can't Stop Talking About

When Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh signed on in December to host the 2019 Golden Globes, many fans were thrilled. Oh and Samberg's comedic chemistry is on point, after all, and it's refreshing to have hosts who aren't late night stars for a change. But did the duo live up to the hype on Sunday night? And did the other presenters nail their bits? Here are the best jokes from the Golden Globes that viewers can't stop talking about.

An award show host's job is to keep their audience laughing for two (or three... or more!) hours straight, a task that's arguably difficult. And it goes without saying no award show is perfect; there are bound to be some flops no matter who is hosting.

That being said, Samberg and Oh came through with a bunch of amazing jokes. Their success might have to do with Oh's casual attitude about the whole thing, a sentiment she elaborated on in an interview with People.

“I am leery to put the duo-ness anywhere near Tina and Amy,” Oh said about hosting. “I think Andy and I are just going to find our way and do our own thing. Andy is so seasoned. I am not in that realm. I really just want to hang out with him… onstage… in front of millions of people!”

Of course, the jokes weren't limited to Samberg and Oh. Some presenters stole the show with memorable one-liners. And on that note, here are the best jokes from the Golden Globes.

Oh's Asian Mom Bit

One of the best bits of the evening came from Oh, who made a crack about non-impressed Asian moms. After praising Crazy Rich Asians for it's impressive $200 Million at the box office, she followed up with, "said Asian moms everywhere," while sporting the most uninterested expression ever. Oh then asked cameras to pan to her own mother, who seemed to prove her point.

"Asian mom jokes. Asian flush jokes. This show is actually for me," one viewer said about the opening monologue. "For ONCE!"

Who Will Host The Oscars?

There's nothing funny about the Oscars hosting drama and Kevin Hart's refusal to apologize for his old homophobic tweets. But what is hilarious? Samberg and Oh's bit that one of the audience members at the Golden Globes will host the Oscars this year.

We are going to have some fun, give out some awards and one lucky audience member will host the Oscars!” the hosts joked at the top of the show.

After Ellen DeGeneres' very confusing interview with Hart, I'd argue this comic relief about the Oscars was necessary.

This Joke's Not For You

Oh delivered another hit when she brought up Asian flush.

Before we start getting sloppy I’ve got to take care of my people before they get the Asian flush," she teased, according to The Wrap. "Garcon, a round of Pepcid AC right there.”

Samberg then replied: “Wait a minute, what’s the Asian flush?”

In a moment of perfect delivery, Oh said: "Don’t worry, this joke’s not for you." Amazing.

Steve Carell's Hilarious Bleep

While presenting actress Carol Burnett with the first ever Carol Burnett award, Steve Carell made a hysterical joke that required censorship.

"It's been said that she makes Tom Hanks look like an a—hole," Carell quipped about Burnett's legendary kindness.

Considering Hanks is the unofficial nice guy of Hollywood, this bit is pretty funny.

"Steve Carrell just said Carol Burnett is so nice and well liked in Hollywood that she makes Tom Hanks look like an a$$hole," one person tweeted. "I’m so dead."

Amy Poehler & Maya Rudolph's Faux Proposal

Dynamic duo Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler stole the show when they spoofed Oscars director Glenn Weiss' proposal to his girlfriend, Jan Svendsen. Weiss used his acceptance speech at the 2018 Emmys to pop the question, and the moment quickly went viral.

The funny bit went down before the pair presented the award for Best Screenplay. After Rudolph took out a "ring box" to propose, Poehler joked: "Oh my God, are we stealing focus away from the next award?" Rudolph then replied: "Don't worry, it's just best screenplay."

"Remember when they were looking for awards show hosts and they couldn’t name ANY female comedians who could POSSIBLY do it and yet here’s amy poehler and maya rudolph....just....you know...existing," someone tweeted in praise of the skit.

The Surprising Masturbation Joke

Oh surprised the audience and the cast of This Is Us when she made a masturbation joke. "Break out the tissues, because you’re all going to want to masturbate to [the next presenters],” Oh said, poking fun at the show's knack for making its fans cry.

"@IamSandraOh really just made a masturbation joke at the #GoldenGIobes and I love her even more for it," someone tweeted.

Yep, it looks like the 2019 award show season is off to a great start. Fingers crossed the Oscars follows suit in the joke department, with or without a host.

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