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6 Comfortable & Ergonomic Desk Chairs For Kids Who Are Learning From Home

Spending all day hunched over a computer can do a number on your posture and spine. Kids are no different and, while they may not get the same aches and pains as adults, ergonomic kids desk chairs can help them sit up straight and stay comfortable while they're doing schoolwork. Since a good ergonomic chair can be tough to find, it's helpful to know what features are the most important and which can be put on hold until they're a little more grown up and need more support.

James O. Sanders, MD, Chair of the department of orthopaedics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill tells Romper in an email, "Fortunately, for children, their spines have a lot of flexibility, and they do not have the disc problems that adults develop," so there is less of a need for a high-end ergonomic chair. Bells and whistles aside, there are a few features he says parents should look for in a desk chair for their child such as a seat "which places the hips and knees at about right angles with the feet on the floor" and ensuring the seat is good and stable to prevent "a backward fall and head injury."

Dr. Sanders also puts an emphasis on how the child is sitting in the chair, rather than the adjustable supports of the seat. Essentially, you don't want your child to have to strain their body in order to type or navigate their computer. He recommends parents "provide chairs which allow a child to look ahead, keep their feet on the ground which distributes pressure across the buttocks, and look forward with their arms in a comfortable position to write or type."

Finding a kids desk chair that can be adjusted a little here and there will do wonders for their posture and comfort. So, if you're on the hunt for one, here are a few great options to pick from.

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Ikea VIMUND Kids Desk Chair

Your child can be seated comfortably in this chair with adjustable back rest, seat depth, and height. It has wheels which will allow your child to easily pull towards or push away from their desk, and they are equipped with a safety mechanism that locks them when your child isn't sitting on the chair so that they don't accidentally lean on the seat while standing up and have it slide out from under them.


Kids Delenn LED Gaming Chair

This is pure luxury for kids, and is an especially good investment if your child likes to play games on their computer. It has a contoured backing with extra padding and lumbar support, an easy height adjustment system, locking tilt control, and flip arms for extra comfort.


Malbon Mesh Task Chair

With its heavy duty wheels, this chair can be used on hardwood, tile, or carpet with ease. It has a slightly curved back for spine support, a breathable mesh seat cushion, and an easy to use height adjustment handle so you can be sure your child is seated at just the right height. As far as stability, the chair does not tilt but it does swivel, so you'll want to keep that in mind for smaller kids.


Square Upholstered Desk Chair

This option has an upholstered seat padded with dense foam for longterm comfort. It has an adjustable height to help them stay aligned and wheels so they can get in and out of their desk with ease. The seat can be adjusted between 33 and 38 inches high using the attached hydraulic lever.


Porch & Den Neakahnie Student Task Chair

No bells and whistles with this chair, but it's great for smaller kids because it can be adjusted between 13.8 and 18.5 inches in height. The seat itself is made from plastic and nylon (making it easy to keep clean) with the back shaped for ergonomic comfort. While the chair is great for smaller kids, it's important to note that it does roll and swivel so you'll want to avoid boosters.


Enlightening Ergonomic Chair

If you want something that is truly ergonomic and will grow with your child in the coming years, then this chair with multiple seat adjustment options is it. You can customize the chair to fit your child by adjusting the back height and tilt and seat height and depth. It has a U-shaped bottom to keep the floor clear for their feet (so no tripping) and the wheels can be locked if you're worried about stability. The base of the chair has space for storage, and the seat and back are covered with thick padding for comfort.

There are plenty of great desk chair options for kids, but the most important thing to focus on is how their body is aligned with their desk and the stability of the chair. Any seat that allows you to make small adjustments as your child grows will serve them well throughout the school year and even longer.