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These 15 Non-Alcoholic Spirits Will Make Some Seriously Amazing Mocktails

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Sometimes, you want to feel like you're having a cocktail but you don't want an actual buzz (or hangover). You can always make yourself a mocktail, but since many mixers can be overly sweet, it's nice to have some non-alcoholic spirits on hand to help balance out the flavor (and give you the cocktail taste). With everything from non-alcoholic gin to whiskey, there are a lot more options than you might realize.

A non-alcoholic spirit should be more than just another mixer, it should actually taste good and create a drink that either emulates a traditional cocktail or is something equally as delicious but totally unique. A knock-off, watered down version of a traditional spirit isn't doing anyone any favors. It's a hard line to walk for brands, but there are plenty that know how to do it well.

Whether you're in the mood for a refreshing mojito, a creamy coffee liqueur, or a traditional whiskey sour, you can have it without the alcohol. If you're one who likes to experiment with flavors, there are some delightful non-alcoholic spirits that are less traditional you can play around with (like, raspberry gin). Since finding a brand of non-alcoholic spirits can be tough, here are some great options that will have you whipping up some seriously delicious mocktails.

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Spiritless Kentucky 74

For the person who wants a bourbon on the rocks, minus the alcohol, this distilled flavorful alternative is the best. It's made with a blend of caramel, oak, and vanilla, and manages to have that same warm, smooth feeling going down when you drink it. Use this to pour yourself an old fashioned.


Monday Zero Alcohol Gin

What makes this gin alternative so great is that it's not only flavorful, but also sugar free, vegan, with no carbs or calories. The drink is made up of a blend of citrus, spices, juniper, and other botanical flavors to create a dry spirit that mimics its alcoholic counterpart.


Ritual Whiskey Alternative

Here is another delicious whiskey alternative that's rich with that oaky taste and warmth that comes along with it. You'll taste a bit of vanilla and stone fruit when you sip it before it goes down smooth like a whiskey should. Use it to mix up a fresh whiskey smash with lemons to bring it to life.


Rock Grace Ruby Reserve

This spirit isn't trying to mimic a traditional one, it's a totally unique "elixir" made with vanilla, raspberry, and hints of floral flavors. The drink is light but full of flavor, is made with all organic ingredients, and contains no allergens. You can enjoy it on its own, or add some sparkling water to it to give it something extra.


Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel

Made from a family recipe, this Caribbean beverage can be enjoyed on its own (or mixed with another non-alcoholic spirit for a little extra kick). It's spicy, smooth, and rich with a touch of sweetness to give it a little bit of a lighter taste. The drink is made in small batches with all natural ingredients like orange peel, cinnamon, ginger, all spice, and more.



With botanical flavors creating a sweet and spicy taste, this spirit makes for a great addition to a variety of mixers to create a totally unique cocktail. Not only is it free of alcohol, but also of sugar, calories, and fat. The dry beverage is somewhat similar to gin, and adds a refreshing twist to tonics and flavored soda waters.



Ghia is a non-alcoholic version of a apéritif, a drink typically served before or after a meal as a palate cleanser. It's made with natural ingredients to create a smooth, dry beverage that's delicious on its own. The drink's creators suggest drinking it cold and finishing the bottle within a week after it's been opened.


Ritual Tequila Alternative

If you're craving a delicious sweet and sour margarita, then this tequila alternative made with Mexican lime, blue agave, and tropical guava has you covered. It is formulated to mimic a traditional tequila with a little bit of bitterness and a warm sensation when you drink it. If you're not in the mood for a margarita, use this to stir up a tequila sunrise or paloma.


Seedlip Spice 94

Seedlip is one of the more popular non-alcoholic spirit brands, and this distilled, spiced alternative is full of flavor. It has a light, earthy taste made from allspice berries, cardamom, oak and cascarilla barks, and hints of grapefruit and lemon. Mix it up with some ginger ale and enjoy the spicy sweet beverage.


Lyre's Coffee Originale

For anyone who likes to enjoy a spiced coffee after dessert, is craving a coffee-flavored milkshake, or loves an espresso martini, this liqueur is the perfect non-alcoholic spirit to go with it. It's made with caramel, spice, espresso, toasted nuts, and a dash of vanilla for a creamy warm flavor.


Feragaia Non-Alcoholic Spirit

This distilled non-alcoholic whiskey alternative has the traditional oaky flavor of an alcoholic whiskey, but also has a little kick thanks to ingredients like cayenne pepper, lime, apple, and blackcurrant leaf. It's a smooth drink that will pair nicely with a more refreshing mixer like club soda or Coke.


Ritual Zero Gin Alternative

You can mix up a non-alcoholic gin fizz with this alternative beverage created to mimic its alcoholic counterpart. It's made with all natural ingredients like cucumber, angelica root, and juniper to give it a refreshing light taste. It can replace the gin in any classic cocktail, but makes for a great gin and tonic, with a lemon twist, alternative.


Fluere Non-Alcoholic Spiced Raspberry Gin

With this distilled non-alcoholic gin, you get the same crisp taste of traditional gin, but with an added sweetness and tartness thanks to the natural raspberry flavor. It's made with fresh raspberries, lime peel, juniper, coriander, and lavender to give it a smooth, refreshing taste but also a little kick at the end (just like an alcoholic cocktail would).


Lyre's American Malt

This non-alcoholic spirit has its own unique taste, but was inspired by traditional bourbon whiskies. It's made with toasted nuts, rich vanilla, green grass, and herbs to create a smooth, oaky flavor that feels warm going down. Use it to mix up a non-alcoholic Manhattan or a classic old fashioned.


Kin Dream Light

Great for anyone who needs a little help falling asleep, this non-alcoholic nightcap spirit is made with a little bit of melatonin to help you relax. It has a warm, smooth, spicy taste thanks to ingredients like cinnamon. chili, and clove. You can mix it up however you like, but it's best served warm with milk.

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