The Best 'SNL' Thanksgiving Sketches That'll Make You Thankful For Comedy

by Autumn Jones

If you've ever experienced a bizarre, uncomfortable, or downright hilarious holiday dinner, Saturday Night Live probably has a sketch you can relate to. For the last 41 years, SNL has been making us laugh at the weird relatives and quirky significant others that gather 'round the table each Thanksgiving. So before you slip into that glorious gravy-induced food coma, make sure to check out the best SNL Thanksgiving sketches from over the years. 

You'll see a favorite recurring character or sketch slip into Thanksgiving mode, creating hilarious new catch phrases for everyone to wear out before the pumpkin pie is served. But my favorites are always the sketches created just for Turkey Day — the ones that truly honor the holiday without pulling form the SNL classics. From the catchy songs to the Thanksgivies award show, I always cry with laughter as I click through my favorites each year. 

So if you find your Thanksgiving going terribly wrong this year, flip through this collection of Weekend Update appearances, wonky family dinners, and parody songs to make your holiday a little happier (and a lot funnier.) There is no need to cry over burnt yams. Grab a slice of pumpkin pie, kick up your feet, and sing along to the questionable tunes of Garth and Kat (and don't worry if you don't know the words, they're just making them up as they go along.)

"Penelope Serves The Homeless"

The most infamous one-upper in SNL history, Kristin Wigg's Penelope, can't stop herself from showing up everyone in the soup kitchen. 

"The Californians"

Even Fred Armisen can't help but giggle when this So-Cal family's Thanksgiving plans are foiled with unexpected news. 

"Nike Turkey"

Don't have enough turkey to feed everyone? Just pump-up your Nike Turkey and everyone eats! Thank you, Chris Rock. 

"Back Home Ballers"

Take it from these ballers, you don't have to do a damn thing when you come back home for Thanksgiving. 

"Debbie Downer"

When it comes to ruining your Thanksgiving appetite, leave it to Debbie to bring up the Bird Flu epidemic and STDs. 

"Guy Fieri's Thanksgiving Cooking Tips"

Bobby Moynihan's impression of the fast-talking celebrity chef, Guy Fieri, leaves you with more nonsense phrases than actual cooking tips. 

"Dysfunctional Thanksgiving"

Leave it to the newly vegetarian and hyper socially aware daughter to throw a wrench in Thanksgiving plans. 

Justin Timberlake's Condensed Thanksgiving Episode

When Justin Timberlake has to cancel as host for the Thanksgiving episode, he stops by "Weekend Update" to perform the two-minute version of what the show would have been like. 

"Garth and Kat"

No holiday episode of Saturday Night Live feels right without the unprepared melodies of Garth and Kat. They may not have rehearsed their songs, but their themed vests are on point. 

"New Jack Thanksgiving"

You must be drippin' gravy if you don't get up and shake your turkey leg to these hip hop inspired Thanksgiving jams. My favorite track — "All Filled Up (On Booty.)"


It's the only award show where golden turkeys are bestowed upon the givers of  guilt trips and drunken rants. Anne Hathaway's version of a blabber-mouthed aunt is spot on.  

"Thanksgiving Guest"

When someone brings a turkey as their date to Thanksgiving dinner, things can get awkward when it's time to eat. 

"The Vogolchecks"

Maybe it's the wine and turkey, but this family loves to make out with one another (even if it makes their guests are super uncomfortable.) Make you thankful that your family isn't as "affecitonate."   

Images: NBC Universal