'Stranger Things' Day Is For Coffee & Contemplation — & These Memes

It all began on Nov. 6, 1983 in Hawkins, Indiana. And even though I believe that every day should be Stranger Things day, today is the beginning, the genesis of the show and the holiday celebrating the Upside Down. In honor of this beloved day, I found the best Stranger Things memes for Stranger Things Day that the internet has to offer. Fair warning: these memes contain spoilers, so if you haven't caught up with Season 3 yet, please do. (And what are you waiting for? A demogorgon to come and chase you? Because it's on Netflix right now.)

Maybe you've been stuck in the Upside Down. Maybe you've watched the season, but have repressed it in your memory because you love Hopper and you cannot imagine a world without him in it. I mean, he was just on Saturday Night Live, right? So he must be alive.

Or he, like I believe, is very dead and there's nothing left in this world for Joyce. Jonathan is insufferable, Will will probably die eventually because that kid has crap luck and even worse judgement. But so help me, if they do anything to Eleven I will definitely... not do anything other than complain on the internet. I love my Netflix. And these Stranger Things memes.


Oh Gosh. It Me.

Do I have 2,000 words to write tonight about the gendered nature of pockets? Maybe. Will it get done? I mean, it's Stranger Things Day.


Too Real

That's Will, right? There's no one else who that is. He's legit always two steps short of dying painfully.


Can You Blame Us?

I mean, did I just turn on Season 1 as I write this? It's possible.

OK, it's absolutely true, and as Will rolls the seven in D&D, I about poop myself, because it's about to get real. Also, he loads a shotgun with way too much ease.


I mean...

They don't even care. I mean, they looked behind the sofa, right?

If they don't rip apart the Russian facility trying to find a backdoor from which Hopper could escape or hide, then I will lose all faith in this show, and probably keep on watching it until it's canceled, because I have a problem.


Get Me Some Ice Cream

I can have as much as I want. Sorry kids, I'm not sharing. Also, Robin's energy is so teen pure that I cannot take it. She is all of us.


As Per My Last Meme...

I resemble this tweet. Only my kids hid their candy after they found my hiding spot for it, and now I have no Snickers.

It's my own fault, really. I taught them this.


All of Season 2

My babysitting somehow gets weaker as I watch Stranger Things. Weird how that happens.


It's Not Enough

Sure, it comes in handyish, but that kid is not long for this world. Don't @ me.


Mordor IS Impressive

But he was the very best Hobbit there ever was.


Please Come Back

Oh Hopper. I didn't mean it. Come back.


It's True

The fridge is empty, but he means well.


Of Course

Cats are jerkfaces. This is true in real life and in fiction. Nancy is not a jerkface, but she is very excitable and needs to study.


They Did

OK, the cat was kind of a jerk.

Also, can we talk about demogorgons for a second? Some of them are pretty little. How much strength must they have in their flower teeth heads that they just dominated Bob like that. Never look back at Joyce. It will get you killed.


Oh Steve

Scooping ice cream and keeping kids in line.


It's Uncanny

If Will is Joey, who is Chandler?