The Best Subscription Boxes For Father's Day 2018 Are At Cratejoy's Holiday Sale RN


Father's Day is a great time to evaluate all of the dads in your life and figure out just what would make their lives better. Sometimes, that's getting them a brand new pair of socks. Other times it's getting them that really fancy grill master kit they've been eyeing. And, if you really want some bonus points from the fathers in your life, you might even determine that the best gift for dad is a monthly subscription box for Father's Day.

Traditionally, subscription boxes (which you sign up for and then continue to pay for and receive goodies every month) can be a bit pricey, but lucky for all of us who want to win Best Gift Giver Of The Year Awards, Cratejoy is offering a 30 percent discount on dozens of their subscription boxes for Father's Day 2018. All you have to do is use the coupon code DAD30 from 6/15 through 6/17 to get the savings as long as you buy before midnight Pacific Time on the 17th. That is one doozy of a discount code!

From the perfect subscription box for the dad who loves adventure to the ideal subscription box for the dad who loves to read thrillers, there's something for every type of dad on the list. Here are our seven favorite Cratejoy subscription boxes for Father's Day 2018.

For The Foodie Dad

Grill Masters Club


If you know a dad who loves to show off his Grill Master prowess during the summer, then this subscription box is definitely for you. The monthly subscription includes a box that comes curated with the best grilling and BBQ foods from all over the country, including rubs, spices, sauces, wood chips, grilling accessories, and more. Each month he will also receive some of the best grilling, BBQ, and smoking recipes to really up his barbecue game.

For The Adventurous Dad

The Nomadik Subscription Box


Some dads are made for adventure, and those dads definitely deserve this subscription box that is filled with their soon-to-be-favorite high-end outdoor and adventure goodies. Monthly, he will receive the best-in-class, innovative and freshly launched gear PLUS a monthly adventure challenge that is meant to inspire his next trip. Some of the items included might be things like hammocks, dry bags, multi-tools, solar lights, pocket knives, and more. And did we mention that each product is tested on multiple trips and gets a "stamp of approval" before going in the box? Quality, indeed.

For The Executive Dad

Southern Scholar Socks


Dad works hard and probably hasn't had time to update his wardrobe in a while, which is precisely where this handy box of socks comes in. But it's no ordinary subscription box. Instead, it's a play on the tired old "here's some socks" gift, since these are high-quality, premium professional dress socks that are created from some of the best materials. He'll be duly impressed.

For The MLB Dad

Baseball Cards of the Month Club


Everyone knows a dad that absolutely loves baseball, amirite? Well, now you have the perfect gift for him: A monthly delivery of custom-made baseball cards and card packs that come right to his door. Whether he's currently a collector or used to be in his youth, he will surely appreciate this fun and inexpensive way to share again in the joy of collecting baseball cards. The best part is that the company offers 23 subscription options, so every type of fan is sure to be satisfied.

For The Literary Dad

The Nocturnal Reader's Box


Sometimes, dad needs to just get home and relax with a good book. If he's anything like my dad, then he's a HUGE fan of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and psychological thrillers. That's where this subscription box comes in. For the dad who is a fan of anything dark, this company specializes in bringing customers exciting books from both new and well-established authors. Each month, dad will be guaranteed to receive two books (one new release, and one previously released title), a bookmark, and a custom art print. How cool is that?

For The Stylish Dad

The Watch Studio


An affordable yet stylish watch isn't easy to come by for the dad that has everything and wants to look particularly good. Thanks to this subscription box, though, it's definitely now possible. Dad will get a monthly delivery of a new watch to his doorstep every single month. Beyond the high-quality watch is also a $1 donation that goes to a select non-profit organization each month, so now dad can look good and do good.

For The Bartender Dad



This might just be the fanciest subscription box on the list, but it is well worth it. For the dad who loves cocktails and wants to learn more about them, this is the perfect way to have that five o'clock drink. The curated box doesn't include alcohol, but it goes include all the other ingredients, recipe cards, bar tools, and "how to" videos... enough for four cocktails at least. Dad can save all of those for himself or enjoy it with his buddies. Maybe if you're lucky he will even give you a taste.