The Best Summer Camp For Your Child, Based On Their Astrological Sign

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With thousands of super-specialized kid's camps out there, it can be tough to know what to sign them up for. I mean, arts and crafts? Space Camp? Computer programming? Or would they rather make friends at a traditional ring-around-the-campfire retreat? Unfortunately, you can't always bank on your child pointing you in the right direction, because they don't always know what they'll like, either. But choosing a summer camp based on your kid's astrological sign? That might work.

Astrology can be a real mind-opener. "A child's not going to say, I really want to learn how to cook," says astrologer Laura Boone, who writes a monthly column for Swaay. "There might be kids who never in a million years thought they would like something like that, but you get them to try it because of their sun sign, and all of a sudden, they’ve got something special and new they love."

Knowing your child's sun sign, and what the stars say about their budding personality, can help you think outside the box when it comes to summer activities, Boone tells Romper. And really, what's more satisfying than introducing your son or daughter to a new passion, and potentially, a source of lifelong wonder and joy? Here are the best summer camps for your child, based on their astrological sign, so you can help them have a summer they'll never forget.



"Aries needs competitive sports," says Boone, explaining that they're natural competitors who love to see how they stack up against others. Over the summer, let them embrace this side of themselves at a camp featuring tournaments, athletic or otherwise. An Aries child will also enjoy any camp that helps them hone their advantage for the coming sports season, so think soccer or volleyball clinics.

"Here's something more unusual for an Aries child," says Boone. "Welding, or jewelry making with metals." Mars rules metallurgy, so there's an out-of-the-box choice for your baby ram. One example: Bolts, & Thingamajigs, based at multiple universities in California, offers welding, turbine power, and manufacturing summer courses, according to Business Insider.



As for outdoorsy Taurus, they'll love an eco-camp, like the Virginia State Parks Youth Conservation Corps, which SheKnows recently rated one of the most unique summer camps in the U.S. But really, any hands-in-the-earth program will do. Whether it's composting, sustainable farming, or clearing a trail, they'll revel in all that sunshine.

If you can't afford camp this year, consider starting a summer garden at your place, says Boone, or joining a local community garden group. Your child will love having a plot of their very own. "Here's your patch of land," you can say. "Now what are you going to do with it?"

Not a gardening expert? Don't worry. Taurus loves to start from scratch. Have them research what plants will grow, and how to till the soil themselves. Then let them order their own seeds. When their work is done, they can sell those hard-earned peppers and zucchinis at a local farmer's market. "[Taurus] loves growing things, and they love making money," says Boone. "They're little entrepreneurs!"

Word to the wise: Taurus is a bit of a homebody. Depending on their personality, sleep-away camp might not be for them.



"Creative writing camp, acting camp, and any kind of theater is amazing for Gemini," explains Boone. All the arts are great, but when it comes to creative activity, Gemini has a clear preference for verbal pursuits like writing, poetry, stagecraft, and speech, Boone says. Recently, Business Insider featured Kids 'N Comedy, a stand-up comedy summer camp that's perfect for Geminis. Besides their verbal acuity, Geminis are social creatures, and the kind of kids who love to say, "Let's put on a show!"

Wondering if you should choose a sleepaway or a day camp? You might want to keep your Taurus home, but Geminis love to be away, says Boone. "They want to sleep somewhere else, to have a social experience, and to make new friends," she explains. Onwards and upwards, Gemini.



As you may have guessed already from their vast collection of The Babysitter's Club books, sweet, nurturing Cancer will love a summer spent watching the neighborhood children. If they're not into that, a CPR class is a great choice.

"But my favorite thing for a Cancer child would be cooking classes, or cooking camp," says Boone. With the rise of competitive chef shows on television, kids cooking camps are popping up all over, and Bon Appetit has helpfully cataloged the best of them.

If you're keeping your Cancer at home, consider handing them a cookbook, and making them responsible for whipping up two meals a week. (A budget and permission to play with the egg beater will really make their heart sing.) Just don't be too dictatorial about it, and know they'll have more fun if they learn to master their chosen recipes themselves. "They need freedom in the kitchen — it's like an art studio for them," says Boone.

My own advice: gently nudge your Cancer towards pie-making, because that's a win-win right there.



"Fire signs, they want to be active," explains Boone, and driven Leo would thrive at an athletic camp. But you don't have to stop at sports. Leos are destined to become leaders and to have a major impact on their world. So consider a leadership program like Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. Alternatively, set them a summer-long goal of raising money for a cause. Leos also make great camp counsellors, and love being in charge of other kids.

"There's a generosity of spirit and leadership together with a Leo," says Boone, so look for opportunities for summer service. Just remember that whatever they pursue, they'll want to be the boss. Most of all this summer, Leo wants to make a difference. "They love a cause, and they love leading people to help a cause," says Boone.



"Virgo, they're crafty people, they create — and they organize," says Boone. They're natural editors, stylists, and mini-librarians. Why not get them involved with a local library or archive program? Or ask the historical society if they'd accept a young intern?

Even if a summer spent with dusty old books doesn't excite you, know that Virgos rule being discerning, and enjoy categorizing and organizing things. (Need help sorting through that attic? A Virgo might enjoy that, and find forgotten treasures, too.) Chances are, a used bookstore in your neighborhood is looking for an employee who can help them edit their donations.



Is fashion camp a thing? It is, and your Libra would love it. At Fashion Camp NYC, kids learn the basics of design, hair and accessories, fashion photography, and brand management. If your kid's not into clothes, interior decorating or art camp also fits the bill.

Above all, Libras love to make and build beautiful things, so don't forget crafts like summer candle-making workshops, and fine arts like sculpture, or even an architecture camp. Libras are attracted to beauty, so look for makeup or hairstyling courses, too. At theater camp, they'd make a great costume and set designer. Outside of the arts, debate camp is also something a Libra might enjoy, says Boone.

If you decide to keep your Libra home, how about letting them re-design and re-decorate their room? New paint, new furniture, new decorations. I see a visit to Target in your future, and a very happy Libra.



Scorpio loves everything having to do with water, from swimming, to snorkeling, to boating. "Especially things like scuba diving," says Boone. Lifeguarding and water safety classes are another fantastic choice. According to Outside Online, Otter Bar Kayak School in California is one of the best summer camps in the country.

"The other thing I'd say, that people don't think about very often, is animals," Boone explains. "Have them volunteer at the Humane Society. Have them take a dog training class, or do volunteer work around animals." Scorpios are big-hearted about their four-legged friends, and love to take action to help them. They'd especially love fostering an animal over the summer, then trying to get it adopted. Many shelters offer such programs, and I'll bet the zoo and the aquarium have some interesting things going on, too.



As a fire sign, the obvious choice for Sagittarius is sports. Thinking beyond the usual, though, why not give them an opportunity to stoke their love of travel? "Send them away," advises Boone. If you can swing it, international camp is the perfect choice. If you'd rather they stay stateside, consider having them spend the summer in a language-immersion program like Minnesota's Concordia Language Villages.

Don't forget that you can also travel to other countries in your own town, says Boone. Consider telling your Sagittarius that once a week, you'll try a new cuisine, or visit a new neighborhood. Language classes will also help expose them to another culture, and another way of life. And don't forget the Cherry Blossom Festival and other great cultural and civic events. For a creative Sagittarius, learning the traditional dances of foreign cultures would be thrilling, too.



"There's your lemonade stand," says Boone, noting that Capricorns are famously entrepreneurial. Let your child start a business over the summer, and start making her own money, too. To keep them motivated, set them a savings goal, and pay them for extra chores around the house. They'll love watching their piggy bank fill up. For older Capricorns, a summer job is just the ticket.

Generally speaking, says Boone, Capricorns prefer to be home, rather than at a sleepaway camp. If they do want to go away, make sure they're headed for a camp where they'll get to be productive, because sitting on the dock of the bay isn't for them. "They're not into learning something just for the sake of learning, or doing something just because it's fun," says Boone. "They want to know why, and there needs to be an end-result." At Camp Biz Smart, which has locations all over the country, kids can practice the ins-and-outs of entrepreneurship, creating pop-up businesses and solving real-world problems.

Capricorns also love museums, says Boone, so be sure they get to sample your local ones. Most museums will offer day camps and exploratory programs, too.



Skills like robotics, coding, and software engineering are in high demand right now, which means it's the age of Aquarius once again — though arguably for totally different reasons. Aquarians love to be gone, so get them to sleepaway camp this summer if you can. Inventor's camps are a great choice, as are computer camps. The famous Space Camp is another great fit for your curious child.

As you might remember from 1960s lore, there's another side to Aquarius. A more spiritual, intuitive side. Across the country, there are a handful of metaphysical camps where kids learn about things like reiki, auras, crystals, and how to improve intuitive abilities. "Aquarius and Pisces would both love that," says Boone.



Last but not least, what will Pisces get up to this summer?

"A lot of people think theater when they think of Pisces, which I agree with," says Boone. "Music, theater, but I would say also film and photography is something people overlook." For musicians, check out the School Of Rock seasonal camps. Alternatively, have your child take a podcasting class, a photography workshop, or film class. If your Pisces is staying home, your mission is simple: hand your child a video camera and send them forth to document their world.

An intuitive Pisces child would also love a metaphysical camp, Boone says, and of course, this little fish always thrives in water. Right now, I'm loving the Endless Summer Surf Camp, which according to SheKnows has locations in California and Costa Rica.

Happy summer to you and your star baby.

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