The Best Times To Have Sex, According To Science

You probably know that there is an ideal time of day to work out or take vitamins. But did you know that there are even some best times to have sex (according to science)? Hint: it might not be at the end of the night when you’re completely exhausted. This is great news for everyone who doesn’t love staying up late.

When you think about it, setting up the end of the night as the prime time for sex has a lot of drawbacks. It competes with your need for sleep. It follows dinner, which is usually the largest meal of the day (because it can be uncomfortable to get busy with a full stomach). Lastly, it means you have to pause your nightly Netflix viewing, and who wants that?

Thankfully, the best times to have sex occur during the daylight hours. It varies a little for men and women, so if you’re in a het relationship you can switch up booty duty so you both get to make the most of your ideal time. (It’s only polite). Who knows? After switching things up, you’ll probably find the daytime far sexier anyway. Because having sex when you’re feeling exceptionally energetic is a great idea for everyone.

For Women

An afternoon delight may be your best best. The Daily Mail recommends 3:00pm as the ideal time for women to have sex because they are at their most alert and energetic, thanks to high levels of the hormone cortisol. Of course, many adults are tied up with work and/or child care at this time, so consider leaving some of your afternoons free on the weekends.

For Men

Use that morning wood to your advantage. As sex therapist Arlene Goldman said in Cosmopolitan, "many men are at their horniest first thing in the morning." This is because their testosterone levels peak at this time, and they are likely well-rested from sleeping. You and your SO may benefit from making this the best way to start your day.

For Everyone

As with most things, your mileage may vary. So if you're really into nooners or later-morning romps, go for it! Spontaneity will just keep things that much hotter.