Allison Gore

The Best Way For Moms To Support Moms Through The Holiday Craziness

When you have kids, you want to fill their childhoods with fun memories and meaningful family traditions that they’ll cherish all throughout their lives. You work hard to plan fun birthday parties where all their friends are there to celebrate and make them feel special, adventurous family trips where they see the world and set aside the differences they have with their siblings, and festive holidays that are filled with joy and magic. And even though the holidays are a happy time of year, moms can experience a lot of stress because there’s so much pressure to have everything go as planned. If something unfortunate happens — like the roast burning, the tree falling over, or a beloved grandparent getting stuck in an airport on a layover because of a surprise snowstorm — moms can sometimes internalize those disappointments and take them as signs that they’re not doing a good job as parents. And so, to show how moms can support other moms during the holiday season, we partnered with Minute Maid to bring you this heartfelt comic. So the next time a mom in your community seems a bit down or stressed over the holidays, know you can remind her that she's a good parent by giving her a card or a handwritten letter. To help you get started, Minute Maid has an awesome letter-writing tool you can use! Be sure to check it out.

Illustrations by Allison Gore

This post is sponsored by Minute Maid.