The Best Way To Sleep In Your 1st Trimester, According To Experts

Sleep obviously becomes a precious commodity once you have a new baby in your life. But the sleep troubles can start long before you bring home your bundle of joy. Even in the earliest months of pregnancy, well before you have a noticeable baby bump, you might have trouble getting comfy at night. If you’re wondering about the best way to sleep in your first trimester, you might want to get into the habit of sleeping on a specific side.

Although your belly doesn't present much of a problem in the first trimester, you'll want to start training yourself to doze off in the ideal pregnancy sleep position. That's because as your pregnancy progresses, sleeping in any other position can become riskier and more uncomfortable. According to The Bump, sleeping on your back as your belly gets bigger puts pressure on a vein that carries blood from your heart to legs and feet, and that compression forces your heart to work harder. Sleeping on your stomach isn't a great option, either. Parenting noted that your breasts will likely become sore and swollen thanks to pregnancy hormones, and won't appreciate being squished if you lie down on your front.

So how should you snooze? According to Baby Center, sleeping on your left side increases blood flow to the fetus and the uterus, and may also help your body flush out waste.

Sleeping on your side may not have been your preferred position pre-pregnancy, but there's another big reason you might appreciate it once you've got a bun in the oven. According to Fit Pregnancy, it can help take some of the pressure off your back, which many women complain becomes sore and achy.

If you're finding it hard to get comfy on your side, or to stay in that position once you fall asleep, the American Pregnancy Association recommends using a pillow to support your belly. It should help keep you comfortable and make sure you get a better and safer night's sleep.