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The 'Big Little Lies' Finale Songs Were Perfection

Warning: spoilers from the finale ahead! What made Big Little Lies so special wasn't just the riveting story, or amazing laundry list of A-list stars who played the characters. The music throughout the series was also killer from the beginning; the songs featured in the finale, "You Get What You Need," was no exception. The episode largely took place at the "Elvis and Audrey" Trivia Night, so the inclusion of melancholy Elvis was expected. Those songs, along with others sprinkled throughout the episode, made the show that much more special. The Big Little Lies finale songs perfectly closed out the season.

We have music supervisor Sue Jacobs to thank for Big Little Lies's impeccable soundtrack. In an interview with Vulture, Jacobs said that the musical identity was, "all about tension, the whole push and pull of all of the music as a counterpoint." Jacobs and director Jean-Marc Vallée chose bluesy, soulful songs to underscore Monterey. Savvy Spotify users and websites that curate songs in TV shows have put together an impressive list, but fans are now able to purchase the soundtrack for themselves. According to BuzzFeed editor Jarett Wieselman, it became available for purchase at the end of March:

Real talk: I'm way too excited over being able to own this masterfully curated soundtrack. Here are the songs from Big Little Lies's finale that I'll be listening to over and over:

"Helpless" - Neil Young

This somber tune was playing in the finale's first scene, after Perry beat Celeste. Soon after, Celeste decided to move into her apartment and leave Perry (though fate had its own plans).

"It's Now Or Never" - Elvis Presley

The classic track played as characters entered Trivia Night. It was certainly "now or never" for the climax of this story.

"Treat Me Nice" - Elvis Presley

A cover of this song played as Ed was getting hints that something was off with Madeline. While it's uncertain whether Ed found out what was going on, "Treat Me Nice" definitely portrays his feelings at that moment.

"Don't" - Elvis Presley

Bonnie sings this song as Madeline is questioning her entire life with Ed. Bonnie may have been subconsciously telling Madeline something ("Don't blow up your life" as Jane put it earlier in the episode).

"Wonder Of You" - Elvis Presley

If these songs weren't so good, I'd complain that they were too "on the nose." Ed sings this song, probably for Madeline. As soon as he started singing, though, she couldn't bear the guilt over her affair, so she ran off.

"How's The World Treating You?" - Elvis Presley

Another topical pick by the Big Little Lies characters. Nathan chooses to sing this one after a confrontation with Ed. He could've been thinking of Ed or Madeline.

"September Song" - Agnes Obel

Our first post-Trivia Night tune had to have a twinge of sadness, and "September Song" fits the bill. It plays over flashbacks of Perry's death, his funeral, and the Monterey mothers and children's beach date.

"You Can't Always Get What You Want" - Ituana

You can't expect an episode of television to be named "You Get What You Need" and for the classic song not to play. This Rolling Stones cover by Ituana accompanies the final scenes, including the aftermath of the murder and everyone on the beach, finally at peace.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some songs to go listen to on repeat. BRB.