The Build-A-Bear Halloween Line Includes A Candy Corn Unicorn & Grim Reaper Bear

I am a die hard Build-A-Bear fan. I swear, I think I have more fun than my kids when we go, but that's fine by me. And this year, the Build-A-Bear Halloween collection is the best they've ever had.

The collection has everything from a candy corn unicorn, to a bat with the cutest wings you've ever seen, to a light up jack-o-lantern bear. They even have fluffy spiders and Day of the Dead kitties. Needless to say, you're going to want to check them out for yourselves. Pricing starts at under $20 and moves up to the pricier $55 plushes that have all the accessories, bells, and whistles.

This year, everyone knows and expects Halloween to look a little bit different. Many families are choosing to forego traditional trick-or-treating and parties in favor of smaller celebrations. These Build-A-Bear plush toys might just be the thing to help soothe our little ones' sad spirits during such a weird, awful, uncertain time. Plus, they're just really freaking cute and I want all the bat toys. They're the cutest little goth babies, and I need them.

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This Bat Right Here

This "shimmer bear" absolutely looks like someone tried to change a cat into a vampire and it misfired, and I don't care, I want it. It's pink and sparkly and could possibly be evil, and I love to see it. My kid will probably name it "Batty" or something similarly creative (they have a panda named PanPan and a tiger named Rawr, so there's precedent), but I am going to call it Laszlo.


Also *This* Bat

It is darkness. It is the night. It is a-freaking-dorable. It looks like a little mop of a bat, and I want five of them to hang in the window this Halloween. These bats are getting named after all of the members of N'Sync. My furry Justin Timberlake will be bringing spooky back, and along with it, candy.


I Obviously Need Grim Reaper Bear

It's not often you get a plush toy with a scythe, but I am here for it. This one's head lights up a la Headless Horseman in Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp, so I'm calling him "Hessian." My kids will probably not agree, but we've already established they're wrong. Cute and the loves of my life, but wrong.


More Spunky Than Punky

OK, but this is adorable and it anthropomorphizes my favorite Halloween treat: candy corn. But no matter how tempting the candy corn horn looks, it might curse you, so be advised. Also, it would be incredibly rude, and probably taste of polyester and regret. I don't have a name for these two, but I'm leaning towards Buffy and Giles.


Back On My Trend

I have terrible arachnophobia, but I love fuzzy and fake spiders. I know, I don't understand it any more than you do. That, perhaps, is the reason I need this fuzzy guy in my life. He's completely non-threatening, and to be honest, he looks like he could use a hug.