Learning To Share Isn't Easy In This Exclusive 'OutDaughtered' Clip

by Megan Walsh

Adam and Danielle Busby have a new challenge to face every week on OutDaughtered. They have to navigate the difficulties that come with every milestone, though they get to reap the rewards too. First they made the jump to big girl beds, then tried to figure out the rules of potty training. Now the Busby quints are learning to share in this exclusive OutDaughtered clip — and it's not going to be an easy lesson.

OutDaughtered airs Tuesdays on TLC, and "Every Quint for Herself" tries to address the constant squabbling between the littlest Busby kids. The clip begins with Danielle trying to extricate a scooter from two fighting sisters, neither of whom want to give up their toy. Danielle tries to calm the frustrated toddlers to no avail, then reveals in a confessional segment why sharing became a much more pressing issue all of a sudden. "After the girls' epic disaster of meltdowns over at the Children's Museum, it's clear to us that we've got to teach these girls how to share," Danielle says. Then she explains how they're going to go about it. "So I found this teaching exercise online. They each get two minutes with the toy and then after two minutes they have to give the toy up and share with their sisters."

But it might not be that easy.

Outside the Busbys' home, the quints are playing with a variety of toys, from scooters to tricycles to wagons. Danielle lets them know what the rules will be with a helpful visual aid so they can understand the passage of time. She hands oldest daughter Blayke a large hourglass that will mark each two-minute increment that the quints get with each toy. At first it all goes well, with each girl happily playing as the sands trickle down. However, when Blayke and Danielle call time's up and instruct them to trade, the situation gets a little stickier.

Hazel dutifully hops off her tricycle (though she loses one pink rain boot in the process) while one of her sisters comes over to claim it. But the transition isn't so easy when another of the girls runs over to Riley on her scooter and asks if she can try. Riley gives a resounding "no" before zooming off again, even though Danielle reminds her that she's supposed to be sharing.

Blayke attempts to intervene by removing Riley's hands from the handlebars and then physically lifting her off the scooter, but Riley won't give up without a struggle. Danielle remains hopeful though, remarking in the confessional, "It's clear that Riley is not getting the idea of the timer. But if we get the other ones on board, then maybe she'll catch on."

Unfortunately, the other ones do not appear to be on board. "Everything right now is mine, mine, mine mine, and it's really starting to wear on my nerves," Danielle says, while the clip cuts to various quints crying over having to switch toys. When Olivia won't stop pushing Hazel on her tricycle despite repeated requests, Danielle is even forced to invoke the dreaded full name scolding ("Olivia Marie!") that moms only use when they're at the very end of their rope.

Danielle is overwhelmed by dealing with five two and a half year olds at once. Even though she knows their behavior is totally normal, it's still a lot to handle. Adam recognizes that and does his best to comfort her, reminding her that it will get better eventually. In the meantime they just have to stay consistent. He also reiterates that Danielle isn't alone in this: "And I'm gonna help you," he says. "I'm gonna be there. We're a united front. We'll stick through it and we'll figure it out."

Danielle and Adam are a team. Even though two against five might be a daunting prospect, together they'll definitely be able to work through the tough times.