Here's How You Know The Cast Of Netflix's 'The Order'

Viewers are already buzzing about Netflix’s new series, The Order. The supernatural drama is centered around a university’s mysterious secret society and a college student who joins it in an effort to avenge his mother’s death. If some of the faces on the series look awfully familiar, it’s probably because the cast of The Order features some popular TV names.

The Order — a ten-part series that premiered on Netflix on Mar. 7 — tells the story of Jack, a college freshman who, along with his maternal grandfather Peter, is obsessed with getting revenge for the death of his mom. He purposefully manages to get himself recruited by the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose — a secret society on campus that is tied to magic and the supernatural. Through the Order, he befriends Alyssa, a campus tour guide who is much more involved with the secret society’s sinister drama than she lets on.

Soon after joining the Order, Jack realizes that magic and monsters are actually real when a creature starts tearing apart and murdering the Order’s new recruits. As he questions his mother’s involvement in all the drama, he begins to discover the truth about the secret society and its ties to his family.

To tell this intriguing horror story, Netflix put together an amazing cast, and here’s everything you need to know about them:

Jake Manley

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Jake Manley plays the show’s central character, Jack Morton, and if he looks familiar, it’s probably because he’s been on some of the most popular shows on TV. Manley had recurring roles on shows like iZombie and Heroes Reborn, and he has been featured on episodes of American Gods, American Gothic, and Casual.

Sarah Grey

Sarah Grey plays Jack’s university guide and secret society recruiter, Alyssa Drake. The actress is known for her role as Stargirl on CW’s Legends of Tomorrow. She has also been featured in popular shows like Lucifer, Wayward Pines, and Once Upon a Time.

In an interview with Brief Take, Grey said she was excited for the world to see her work on The Order. “I think that this is going to be a platform for a lot more people to see me and I’m realizing the weight of that,” Grey told the outlet. “It’s an amazing, incredible opportunity to reach out to a lot of people, so I definitely think that I am stepping into a new power for myself—which is exciting and nerve-racking, but I’m so blessed and I’m so grateful.”

Max Martini


Max Martini plays Edward Coventry, the leader of the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose who has a mysterious connection to Jack. Martini has had recurring roles on NCIS: Los Angeles, CSI: Miami, and The Unit and he has been in films like Fifty Shades of Grey, Captain Phillips, and Pacific Rim.

Katharine Isabelle

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Katharine Isabelle is Vera Stone, the chancellor of Belgrave University and powerful member of the Order. The actress is known for her recurring roles on Being Human, Hannibal, and The Arrangement.

Adam DiMarco

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One of Jack’s PA’s and fellow Order members is Randall Carpio, played by Adam DiMarco. You might recognize DiMarco from his recurring roles on shows like The Magicians and Arctic Air.

Sam Trammell

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Sam Trammell is Eric Clarke, an Ethics professor at Belgrave University. Fans may recognize him from his role as Sam Merlotte on HBO’s vampire series True Blood or from his more recent role as Ben on This Is Us.

Jewel Staite

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Jewel Staite plays Renee Marand, a powerful witch in the Order. The actress has been on popular TV shows over the years, including The Magicians, Firefly, Stargate Atlantis, and The Killing.

Drew Ray Tanner

Drew Ray Tanner plays Todd Shutner, a college student who aspires to become a member of the Order. His most recent notable role is that of Fangs Fogarty on CW’s hit series, Riverdale.

Dylan Playfair

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Dylan Playfair plays Clay, Jack's college roommate. Playfair has been featured in a number of popular shows including Netflix’s Travelers and Letterkenny, and the TV movie, Descendants 3.

Netflix picked out a tremendous cast for The Order, and together, with their amazing performances, they've added to the series' intrigue and mystery.

The Order is currently streaming on Netflix.