The One Chick-Fil-A Order That'll Increase Your Milk Supply

Nursing moms know that eating a balanced diet is important for health reasons, and because it can also help with breast milk supply. Preparing nutritious meals and snacks takes time and forethought, which are two things that might be in short supply when you have a newborn. Thankfully there are some foods you can eat on the go from fast food restaurants to help boost your breast milk. Next time you're craving chicken, the Chick-Fil-A order that could increase your milk supply is just a drive thru away.

The item at Chick-Fil-A that will hopefully help with upping your milk is called the Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap. (Sorry it's not one of those yummy milkshakes). Many of the ingredients in the wrap might give your body the boost it needs to make more milk. Starting outside and working in, the wrap itself packs a good milk producing punch. The wrap contains oat fiber, which, as you can probably guess , is made of oats. The oats in oat fiber are considered galactogogues which are herbs or food items that help increase breast milk supply, according to Kelly Mom. That means oats in any form — oatmeal, oat bran, oat fiber, granola, etc — can all be touted as a magic milk supply boosters.

It's important to note though that the same site claimed there is no scientific evidence to back up oats or oatmeal as a surefire way to increase human milk supply. That being said, Medela noted that there is a direct correlation between low iron levels and insufficient breast milk production. If low iron inhibits breast milk production than the iron boost from the oat fiber in Chick Fil A's wrap should be perfect for the job.

Inside the actual wrap, there are beets, carrots, and lettuce — all of which are high in beta carotene, which WebMD noted is then converted in the body into Vitamin A. A study published in the European Journal of Nutrition found that if the vitamin A supply of a mother is inadequate, her milk supply may be impacted. It's worth noting however, that the same study suggested pregnant and breastfeeding women get sufficient beta-carotene as part of their daily diet.

The amounts of lettuce, beets, and carrots in the Chick-Fil-A Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap are likely not enough to be considered sufficient for a whole daily serving. In other words, using the food item as your sole source of milk boosting benefits will probably be ineffective because the amounts in the wrap are small. You'll probably want to round out your whole diet with adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables to keep the milk supply ball rolling.

Besides making sure you're eating an overall nutrient rich diet, it's important to remember that foods or herbs touted as galactogogues won't help your supply alone. You'll have to do other milk increasing practices in tandem to see if any work. If you're having trouble don't hesitate to reach out to a certified lactation consultant.