Courtesy of Cybex

Cybex's Swanky New $1,500 Stroller Literally Has An Electric Motor

Plenty of parents have something of a love-hate relationship with the stroller. Sure, it saves you the effort of lugging the kid around in your arms all day, but hilly areas or rough terrain can make managing the stroller hard work. With the release of the Cybex e-PRIAM, however, the stroller life just got easier than ever. Steep hills, bumpy sidewalks, and even sandy beaches are simpler to get around with the help of this smart stroller and its algorithm-guided support.

Smart features are what set the e-PRIAM stroller apart from similar models. Handlebar sensors monitor the push and pull effort required and make automatic adjustments to help you out. When pushing the stroller up a hill, the sensors can read the pushing pressure and adjust accordingly, so it feels like the parent is instead pushing along on a level road. On the other hand, the handlebar sensors can detect pulling pressure on a downward slope, and the stroller automatically slows its roll. With smart uneven surface support, the stroller also automatically adjusts to help you maneuver over sand, snow, gravel, cobblestones, or other rough terrain. The support features can be turned off or on at any time by using a power button on the rear axle. Most importantly, the electric engines that power the stroller's support are quiet enough not to wake a sleeping baby.

Courtesy of Cybex

The e-PRIAM is battery powered, and a single charge will last between 5 to 30 miles depending on the stroller's load and the road conditions. The battery charges to full in six hours through a power socket, and a battery indicator with LED lights on the rear axle displays how much battery power is remaining. Customers can even purchase separate battery packs to keep on hand for backup.

Like Cybex's entire line of strollers, the e-PRIAM is designed with luxury in mind. It's available in rose gold, chrome with brown or black details, and matte black frames, while the seat packs come in a variety of solid shades, as well as prints such as koi or bird of paradise. There are even seat packs designed by Scuderia Ferrari, in case you want the kid's ride to have a serious Formula 1 racer vibe. Actually, any of the Cybex PRIAM seats will fit with the frame, so if you already happen to have a designer print, you don't have to worry about purchasing it again.

As you might imagine, all this luxury and smart tech does cost a bit more than your average folding stroller. The Cybex e-PRIAM will be available in select retail stores from July 15 at buybuyBaby and on Cybex's site with a starting price of $1,400, depending on the frame and accessories. In comparison, the standard Cybex PRIAM starts at $1,000 so anticipate forking over a few hundred extra for the added motor. For parents who live in super hilly areas, or who tend to take their stroller off-road a lot though, the investment just might be worth it.