This Mickey Mouse-Shaped Stroller Hook Is Peak Mom Accessory

by Lindsay E. Mack

Sometimes, the little things that make parenting a bit easier are worth their weight in gold. With this in mind, the handy Disney Baby + Petunia Pickle Bottom Mickey Mouse Stroller Hook is about to become your new favorite accessory. It's one of those "how-did-I-ever-live-without-this?" products you'll gift to all your mom friends immediately.

Available as part of an exclusive collaboration between Disney Baby and Petunia Pickle Bottom, the Mickey Mouse Stroller Hook in rose gold is a pretty and practical accessory for moms on the go. The hook is crafted in the familiar and iconic shape of Mickey Mouse ears, and this simple design is part of the genius. The round part of the hook fits a whole variety of stroller handles, allowing you to store plenty of accessories hands-free. Diaper bags, purses, and tons of baby items can get clipped to the Mickey ears and go along for the ride. It's also a handy way to keep track of keys, water bottles, or anything else you want to have on hand while strolling around with the baby. Lastly, the simple and eye-catching design, as well as the trendy rose-gold hue, make this one accessory you'll be happy to use for quite a while. (I could easily see it becoming a cool key chain once your kid is out of the stroller stage.) It's also a fun and subtle way to add some Disney magic to your daily life.

For almost 20 years, Petunia Pickle Bottom has offered practical, brilliantly designed products for parents and their little ones. Their diaper bags are available in a whole variety of forms, from backpacks to shoulder bags, and they're a favorite among plenty of parents. Plus, their line of travel-friendly kid products, including pacifier holders and nursing covers, makes going out and about with kiddos a little bit easier. The Mickey Mouse stroller hook fits right in to their pretty-and-practical aesthetic. Oh, and how did the founders decide on Petunia Pickle Bottom as a company moniker? "The name was a cute nickname my dad called me when I was a toddler," said Head Designer and Co-Founder, DeNai Jones, in a Twitter Q&A.

The other half of this clever collaboration, the Disney Baby store features everything from car seats to bibs all decked out with your favorite characters. Also part of the collaboration with Petunia Pickle Bottom, there's a Lion King Axis Diaper Backpack ($180) as well as a Lion King Pacifier Porter ($17), featuring designs based on the animated 1994 film. (Yes, this line is going to bring on some major nostalgia for millennial moms.) Really, the entire collaboration is quite well-designed and cute, and most anything from the line would make an absolutely amazing gift for the Disney-obsessed mom in your life.

That said, the stroller hook still is one of the handiest offerings in the line, partly because it's useful for any mom who needs an extra hand. So whether you're a Disney super-fan, or someone who simply appreciates a little magic in daily life, the Disney Baby + Petunia Pickle Bottom Stroller Hook is a thoughtful, helpful gift.