The Disney Comfy Princesses Now Have Their Own Castle & It's Too Good — FIRST LOOK

Let's face it, by and large, princess castles are... fussy. Stuffy. A little too much for the teenagers inhabiting their confines. But the new Disney Princess Comfy Squad Castle from Hasbro is reimagining what a modern princess castle would look like, and Romper has the exclusive first look.

Hasbro has created the perfect foil to the traditional, fancy frippery of play castles, and introduced something that looks like what every girl dreams of when they think of "home." In Wreck-It Ralph: Ralph Breaks the Internet, we met the "comfy" version of the Disney princesses, and now they all have a place to call home while they Netflix and chill. Retailing at $100 and exclusive to Amazon, this two-story pink and purple play castle is bedecked with a bean bag, a low chaise lounge, a shell chair, overstuffed sofa, and multiple accessories that scream, "Yeah, I'm a princess, but no one likes a stiff Victorian seating." Accessories for the castle include a pie and a piece of pie on a plate, four drink cups, popcorn, a book, a chip bag, a fork and knife, and a bottle. So, it's basically my living room blown up into a plastic toy castle, and I love to see it.

The dolls are not included, but considering the loads of accessories you're getting with the new Disney Princess Comfy Squad Castle, it's still a very good price, and will undoubtedly provide hours of fun play for your children.

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Play princess castles are nothing new, but this is a very new interpretation of the genre. Yes, there are more relaxed play homes on the market, but this is still a castle. It has all the shape and regality of a princess's home, but with all of the charm of a playhouse with plenty of casual accessories. It is designed for your kids to use alongside the Disney Princess Comfy Squad dolls, which are already available and show a new, more casual side of princesses.

If the older princess castles were all William and Kate, these are all Harry and Meghan, and I think we all know which ones Americans will find more popular. That is why I cannot stress enough that if you want to get this for your child, buy it as soon as it comes out this fall. This is one of those toys that is going to sell out and then you're out of luck.