Everything You Need To Know About The Duggar Family's Strict "Code Of Ethics"

The Duggar family knows a thing or two about chaos. The family of 19 children — plus mom and dad, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar — are the stars of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, which means a lot of people (and a lot of cameras) everywhere, at all times. With so many people around them, all the time, and with them being in the public eye, there is more than likely a huge need or rules and ethics so the 19 kids in the family can stay grounded. So it is no surprise that the Duggar family's "code of ethics" is rooted in their religion and values, making sure they stay true to themselves without letting the cameras get in the way.

If you haven't watched 19 Kids and Counting, then you are probably unaware of the fact that the Duggars are devout Christians and practicing Independent Baptists, according to In Touch Weekly, who devote a lot of their lives to serving God. This explains some of their behaviors (like no kissing until marriage) that might appear a bit odd to some but maybe completely normal to others.

Fans have watched these behaviors play out on TLC and Counting On, where the Duggar daughters play out their relationships and lives in front of television cameras. If you've watched the Duggars before, you've already seen that the family has a code for courtship. But their most extreme rules, according to AOL, show that the family's ethics are strong. They know exactly how they want to live their lives and they won't back down for anyone.

No Social Media Until Marriage

While that might be super hard to believe in 2017, members of the Duggar family are not allowed to have a Facebook or Instagram page until they are engaged, according to the Hollywood Gossip. This is why oldest daughter Jana is absent from social media and why newlywed daughter Joy-Anna Forsyth doesn't have many photos on her account (she was only able to get an Instagram account in May).

Limited Physical Affection Before Marriage

While you might not second guess giving your best friend a hug, the Duggar family is limited in their physical interaction with the opposite sex before marriage. According to People, side hugs (not full hugs) are the only form of physical affection allowed in the family, once a member enters a courtship with a member of the opposite sex — or begin a path towards marriage — together.

But Once You're Married...

Once the children are married, not much is off limits. In a blog post, written by matriarch Michelle in October 2015, Michelle advises that women be "joyfully available" to sex, according to People, even if you're pregnant. According to People, Michelle wrote that wives are the only ones that can be there for their husband at the end of the day, therefore they should be able to meet their husbands needs.

Conservative Clothing Is Key

The Duggar women dress modestly, preferring to wear long skirts and dresses and short sleeves rather than shorts and pants. Michelle explained her decision to dress her daughters modestly in a 2013 TLC blog post, writing:

Our interpretation was from the neck down to the knee should be covered. By keeping these private areas covered, there's not any "defrauding" going on. My kids are taught the definition of defrauding as stirring up desires that can't be righteously fulfilled.

All Text Messages Are Family Text Messages

While in their courtships, according to TODAY, the Duggar daughters are not allowed to text the boy they are courting (or talk to them on the phone) without including their dad, Jim Bob, on the phone. This is to understandably keep an eye on his kids.

No Smoking Or Drinking

With strong, conservative values, the Duggar children are not allowed to smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol, according to AOL. In 2014 the older Duggar daughters did tell Cosmopolitan that they did drink alcohol once but hated the taste and the risks of drinking aren't worth it for them. "You see the effects and it really makes you think of the consequences for some of these actions," Jill Duggar told Cosmopolitan at the time.

While these ethics might not be everyone's cup of tea, they seem to work very well for the Duggar family.

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