The Duggar Family's New Year's Traditions Are Probably Different Than Yours

Can you believe 2018 is coming to an end already? On this last day of 2018, families will likely reflect on the past 12 months and then look ahead to their goals for the upcoming year. Some will probably host or attend parties with friends and family. Others might opt to spend a quiet night in, put the kids to bed, and then watch the ball drop before finally turning in for the night themselves. Regardless of how you ultimately spend the evening, I'm willing to bet the Duggar family's New Year's traditions are probably a bit different than yours.

So how do Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar — and their 19 children — ring in the new year, anyway? According to a 2012 blog post from the family's matriarch, Michelle, they "pray in" the new year. (Which makes sense, considering religion plays a central role in the family's everyday lives.) "New Year’s Eve in our home is all about family, friends, and giving thanks for the previous year," Michelle wrote. "About 15 minutes before the New Year is here, we’ll start taking turns going around the room praying and giving thanks. By the time everyone gets a turn, it’s already the New Year."

Other Dec. 31 traditions in the Duggar household have included playing games together — like pool and ping-pong — and munching on one of their favorite snacks: French onion dip with pretzel sticks, according to a different blog post.

Of course, Michelle wrote these blog posts six and seven years ago at this point — back when all of her children, except Josh, were unmarried and still living at home. Now that nearly half of the Duggar kids have tied the knot and started families of their own, it's unclear if a big get-together still stands.

One thing's for sure, though: Any Dec. 31 festivities definitely won't include alcohol. As the Duggar sisters told Cosmopolitan in 2014, their family purposefully abstains from drinking alcoholic beverages. Although there aren't currently any courting or engaged adult Duggar children — as far as fans know, that is — if there were, then they wouldn't participate in any kissing at midnight. That's because the Duggars have made it a point to wait until their wedding day to share a first kiss with their partner, according to People.

Fans of Counting On know 2018 was a big year for the Duggar family. Between weddings and babies, Michelle and Jim Bob's larger-than-life family of 19 kids grew by even more over the past 12 months. As Us Weekly reported, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo welcomed a baby girl they named Felicity on July 19.

On June 8, Joseph and Kendra Duggar welcomed a son named Garrett, according to People.

Meanwhile, Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth added little Gideon to their family on Feb. 23, E! Online reported.

In other news, Josiah Duggar married Lauren Swanson in June.

And then John David married Abbie Burnett in November.

Although it's difficult to say for sure what the majority of the Duggars will be up to on Dec. 31, I'm willing to bet they'll be having a relaxing time at home — whether it's at the family compound in Tontitown, Arkansas, or with their spouses and children, wherever they might be. May 2019 be equally as exciting and joyous for the Duggars as 2018 was!

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