The Duggars Are Coming Out With A Musical Album — Yes, Really

When you think of the name Duggar, I doubt that the first thing that pops into your head is hot jams. Side hugs, long skirts, and the word "courting," sure, but probably not music. Well, that might change soon. The Duggars are coming out with a musical album. That's right! Look out, Partridge Family — Michelle and Jim Bob's squad is coming for you. 

The family first announced the big news via the Counting On Facebook page with a sneak peak of the album that showed Michelle teaching Josie Duggar the lyrics to "The Star Spangled Banner." The post read, "😂Josie! Don't miss a new #CountingOn Monday at 9/8c." The short clip shows Josie learning the word "bombs" is in the song. "The bombs," Michelle tells her. "The bombs. There was more than one bomb." The page featured a similar post last month, according to In Touch Weekly, showing Josie working on another part of the national anthem and announcing that the family was working on a "special project," which was apparently the album.

The Duggars have a unique relationship with music. While many of the family members play instruments and use tunes as an "instant stress buster," according to TLC, not all music gets the Duggar stamp of approval.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar spoke with the site Belief Net about whether or not they allow their children to listen to music and dance. "I used to listen to hard rock music, Michelle did too," Jim Bob said. "Then I went to a Christian seminar, actually church camp, and they talked about getting rid of secular rock music. And so, I did that." He went on to explain that dancing can be dangerous too:

As far as dancing, something that we believe — it's a personal conviction — is that a lot of times, when a guy sees a girl dance, it really can be defrauding to a guy, especially if they're dressed immodestly. The definition of defrauding would be building up sensual desires that you cannot rightfully fulfill. Now, if my wife and I want to dance privately or something, in our room... between a husband and wife is fine.

Suffice it to say that the debut Duggar family album will likely not include many music videos showing them busting a move. Classical music, however, "opens your mind and causes you to be able to think better," according to Jim Bob, so that's allowed; as are hymns, Michelle added.

Fans of the family may remember that Amy Duggar, cousin to Michelle and Jim Bob's brood, briefly pursued a career in country music. She spoke with the host of popular podcast, Reality Life with Kate Casey, about the experience and why she didn't end up hitting it big. "I did go to Nashville," she said. "I met with several huge, huge labels... [and] I was offered contracts, these huge labels to sign me, and it wasn’t on the show." But she decided not to go for fame, as the labels reportedly wanted to exploit her status as a Duggar. "They wanted to make me into not just the cousin, but the bad, sexy, edgy cousin kind of thing," she said. "Like the Britney Spears of the Duggar family." It's unclear if Amy will lend her powerful pipes to the family's album.

As of now, there is no release date for what I am sure will be a hit album. In the meantime, fans can enjoy the sweet video of Josie learning the national anthem and speculate about what tracks will make the cut. I, for one, will be busy clearing out space on my iTunes for my new favorite band.