Don't Do Anything Drastic On The Fall Equinox If You’re A Capricorn Or Cancer

by Lindsay E. Mack

In general, late September is a calming, chill part of the year for most people. You get to enjoy the first official days of autumn, as well as rest for a moment before the holiday season really kicks into gear. But for two zodiac signs in particular, the fall equinox 2018 horoscopes are not looking super great. Hey, not everyone is all that into deep self-reflection, and that's OK.

To learn more, Romper spoke with astrologer and spiritual guide Dr. Craig Martin, who has been in the practice for 25 years. He shed some light on what the coming equinox means for everybody, even those who may not particularly enjoy this part of the year.

For everyone, this is a time for reflection and rest. "The equinox affects the signs in a universal way because it is the time of balance; the time when day and night are of equal length. The energy present in the equinox is centering and calm," said Dr. Craig. "Late September is our time to take stock." Sounds nice, right? Well, not everyone is super into the whole balanced reflection thing. In fact, for two signs in particular this time of year is kind of annoying, to be honest.

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"The signs most likely to be affected in a negative way by the equinox would be Cancer and Capricorn. These two are most at odds with the energy of balanced self-reflection," said Dr. Craig. But that isn't necessarily a bad thing, so hear me out.

Sensitive and emotional, Cancer signs care deeply about the people closest to them, as noted in Astrology Zodiac Signs. Those born under the sign of the crab are ruled by their heart, which can be a great thing for close friends and family members. But the whole seasonal change going on right now can be a little difficult for these sensitive people. "Cancers are motivated by emotional attachments and would generally not care about the equality theme of the day. If Cancer is emotionally stressed, that's all that matters," said Dr. Craig. If you or a loved one falls under this sign, then it might be a good time to practice patience. Just remember that those personal connections are everything to Cancers, which is really kind of sweet.

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Capricorns, meanwhile, are all about getting stuff done. Really, those born under the Capricorn sign are renowned for their work ethic and ambition, as noted in So slowing down and reflecting about fairness and balance is not always their jam. "Capricorns are driven to achieve and create space for themselves socially," said Dr. Craig. "They too, are not all that concerned with diplomacy when it comes to their goals." That said, the busy Capricorn might benefit from trying to reflect for a minute or two, before they get back to setting the world on fire with their awesomeness.

So in general, the fall equinox is a wonderful time for self-reflection and meditations about harmony. Unless you're a sign who isn't much into that stuff, which is also totally OK. The world needs carers and hard workers, too.