The Fisher-Price Toy Museum Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

If you think back to some of your favorite toys as a kid, chances are good at least one of them came from Fisher-Price. Now, you can relive those memories through the virtual Fisher-Price toy museum on Instagram. It's full of curated photos featuring some of the company's most beloved toys from over the years.

Fisher-Price launched back in 1930, and this virtual museum is their way of celebrating the company's 90th anniversary. It's split up into decade-specific "exhibits" which showcase some of the most popular toys from that era. The collection includes everything from the 1930's wooden dog Snoopy Sniffer to the classic wooden building blocks made popular in the 1950's to the original toy doctor kit from the 1970's down to the Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo toy from 2015.

One look through the curated photos will have you reminiscing back on your own childhood. Remember trying to tuck your sneakers into those yellow and blue plastic roller skates? Did you ever snuggle up with a Puffalump or one of the bears from the Briarberry Collection? You may have played with one of the many versions of the famous Play Family Farm, and you almost certainly had a Rock-a-Stack.

Even if you don't recognize some of the toys from your own childhood, you may see an earlier version of a toy your child loves today. Many Fisher-Price toys were created decades ago and have just continued to evolve over time so more and more generations get to experience the joy of the same toys their parents or grandparents loved before them.

In addition to getting to enjoy a walk down memory lane via Instagram, you can also stock up on some Fisher-Price memorabilia, too. Like any other museum, they're offering merchandise to commemorate your trip through a virtual gift shop. There's a jacket with a Movie Viewer, a tote bag featuring Chatter the Telephone, as well as socks, hoodies, pens, shot glasses, playing cards, and so much more.

The whole collection of photos and videos is up on Instagram and the virtual gift shop is currently open for business.