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'The Fix' Stars An All-Time Fav From A '90s Cult Classic & I'm All In

There's nothing like a creeptastic legal drama and ABC is about to drop a good one on you. While you may recognize the name of Marcia Clark as lead prosecutor for the 1994 O.J. Simpson trial, she's done a lot more projects than you may realize — including cowriting and co-creating The Fix, which is a part fiction, part nonfiction examination of Clark's 25 years of experience as an attorney. Plus, the cast of in The Fix is kind of amazing.

In the event you haven't seen the multiple ads for this rad new crime series, The Fix is the semi-true — but not actually true at all — story of former prosecutor Maya Travis (Robin Tunney), who loses the biggest, most important case of her entire career, then moves from Los Angeles to Oregon for a new life. Of course it doesn't stay that way, because the man she didn't put away eight years earlier kills again which means, back to LA Maya goes. If you're thinking it sounds an awful lot like Clark's career, it's because she said this series is "part legal thriller, part confessional, and part revenge fantasy," all culminated from her 25 years' experience. The cast includes a few familiar faces, and a few you'll want to know after watching The Fix, such as:

Robin Tunney

Hi, hello. If you haven't met my (pretend) friend, Robin, then you've never watched The Craft and it shows. But seriously. While the cult classic is a must-see, Robin's been in a ridiculous number of shows and movies, including this latest portrayal as the Marcia-esque character in The Fix, Maya. You may have seen her in another of my all-time favs, Prison Break, as Veronica Donovan, or The Mentalist as Teresa Lisbon. This Chicago native has been acting since the late '80s.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

While Adewale is originally from London, England, he modeled in Milan, he obtained his masters degree in law from London's prestigious Kings College, then gave it up to try the whole acting thing in L.A. He's also fluent in English, Italian, Yoruba and Swahili — in addition to being a mesmerizing actor. Well, hello.

Scott Cohen

Calling all Gilmore Girls fans: Gather 'round and celebrate the former Max Medina in all his glory before you watch The Fix. Scott Cohen stars as Ezra Wolf — the highly obnoxious defense attorney for the bad guy, Sevvy Johnson. But before that you may have seen him inThe Americans, Big Dogs, Film U, and much more.

Adam Rayner

Adrienn Szabo/FX

Adam Rayner is another actor born and bred in England and also another one of those actors you've seen in a million things, but maybe didn't know his name. In The Fix, he's known as Matthew Collier, but outside of that, he's mostly known for roles in Notorious and Tyrant, Hunted, and Hawthorne.

Merrin Dungey

Don't hate on Merrin for her role of detective on Big Little Lies (she's just doing her job, people). Hardcore fans will know her from Once Upon a Time, King of Queens, or a number of other shows she's had recurring roles in since '95. And though her Twitter bio says "no cuts, no buts, no coconuts," something tells me this role as CJ on The Fix will lean more into her bad*ss side.

Breckin Meyer

If you don't know who Breckin Meyer is, then we can't be friends. No, for real. The Clueless skateboarder is probably one of my favorite, most underrated actors who works all the time, but is never really a lead (and deserves to be). He has a role in everything. Seriously. In The Fix he plays Alan Wiest, one of the guys in charge — a huge change from his slacker days on Clueless.

Marc Blucas

Some actors have a whole other life before you see them on the big or small screens. Such is the case with Marc Blucas who had a full basketball scholarship for Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem North Carolina, then went to play a year in Europe for the Manchester Giants. His character, Riv, on The Fix, may not be his biggest acting credit, and there are plenty of other shows he's appeared on. Primarily he's known for his role as Riley Finn on Buffy the Vampire Slayer way back in the day.

Alex Saxon

This Missouri boy began acting at the age of eight, and has landed roles in shows like Finding Carter, The Fosters, and Ray Donovan, among others. In The Fix, Alex Saxon plays Gabriel Johnson, but have you had a good look at that hair? I mean. I'm jealous.

With a cast like this (not to mention the killer story) you can be sure I'll be watching The Fix.