The Newest Girl Scout Cookie Tastes (& Looks) Like Your Favorite Breakfast

Fans of Girl Scout Cookies have a brand-new reason to celebrate. The new French Toast Girl Scout cookie, Toast-Yay! is arriving soon. It looks like Thin Mints and Tagalongs will soon have some serious competition when it comes to favorite cookie flavors.

Available in select areas for the 2021 cookie season, the Toast-yay! cookies are crafted to look (and taste) like tiny slices of French Toast. The iconic Girl Scout trefoil is stamped on one side, and delicious icing coats the other half. It's the perfect cookie for fans of breakfast food.

So how do you order the new Toast-yay! Girl Scout cookies, and help out your local troop in the process? The 2021 cookie season will officially kick off in January, but the dates can vary a little by location, so contact your local Girl Scout council for more info on the specifics. Prices vary by location, ranging from $4 to $7, but the proceeds stay in your local area, as a Girl Scout representative tells Romper. To order the cookies, reach out to your local scouts, keep an eye out for in-person sales after January, use the Girl Scout Cookie Finder app, or make a purchase on the Digital Cookie/Smart Cookie platform. (It's no surprise that some of the country's youngest entrepreneurs are all about the online sales.)

Like most everything else in the world, even the sale of Girl Scout cookies was impacted by the arrival of COVID-19. In addition to the digital sales platforms mentioned above, many Girl Scout Troops also offer socially distant or contact-less delivery options as well. You can keep quarantining, support your local Girl Scout Troop, and enjoy some tasty Toast-yay! cookies all at once.

Of course, January is still a bit off. While you wait, check out the tasty recipes to make with Girl Scout Cookies, such as Lemonade Blondies or Thin Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. That could help you count the days until the next cookie season, when buying a box of Toast-yay! cookies could help support the 1.7 million girls whose lives are enriched by Girl Scout programming.