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'Frozen 2' Is At Build-A-Bear & How Can Anyone Resist That Stuffed Sven?!

by Cat Bowen
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In a little over a month, your children will undoubtedly be singing the soundtrack to Disney's new Frozen 2 movie, and begging for all of the merch. Well, look no further, because the cutest Frozen toys have been found. Build-A-Bear's Frozen 2 collection is the absolute cuddliest.

The brand has made bear versions of Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff, as well as designed stuffed versions of Olaf and Sven that kids are just going to go wild over. The accessories for these Build-A-Bears are out of control — Sven even has a tiny harness decked out in red and gold. Without a doubt, the real stars of this set are Anna and Elsa. The silky hair cascading from the bears' heads are just too much. Your kids will definitely want one of each.

They're not the cheapest bears in the queendom of Arendelle, though. When you get the wig and accessories for the Anna and Elsa doll, they top out at about $66, which is admittedly pretty steep. But, these are limited edition and by gosh, they are something spectacular. These are a "special treat" or gift bear. The Sven and Olaf Build-A-Bears are more affordable, as they don't require nearly as many accessories to complete the dolls.

When you go to Build-A-Bear, you're not just going for the bears — you're going for the experience. This fall, Build-A-Bear's new bears for Frozen 2 come with an extra side of entertainment in the stores. There will be new activities and adventures based on the film in Build-A-Bear's 450 stores worldwide. They have even designed an extra special heart ceremony for the Frozen bears that ostensibly has something to do with Elsa freezing Anna's heart, and not protecting the parents' and grandparents' hearts who are shelling out the big bucks for these dolls.

The thing about Build-A-Bear is that they give a ton of money to charity and the Toys For Tots foundation, as well as encouraging their shoppers to do the same. It really makes the price tag a lot more palatable. These are not your everyday plushes that you're buying at your local supercenter. They're meant to be special, every-so-often gifts that kids will cherish for a lifetime.

If your child already has several bears, you might want to look at their accessories for a more affordable way to get the Frozen vibe. They have pajamas with Anna and Elsa for $13, tee shirts for your child's dolls for $8, and more. You could even buy the costume accessories and make your own doll that way. Although how anyone can resist that stuffed Sven and Olaf, I will never know.

Pro tip: Build-A-Bear does the best school trips. If you're on the PTA or an elementary teacher looking for a fun trip, seriously, Build-A-Bear does it right. The whole thing takes a few hours, and the kids absolutely love it. Add on a lunch in the food court, and you've got the happiest classroom in the school. Either way, the new bears are adorable, and I'm sure we'll end up at Build-A-Bear when my daughter receives her new report card. (A great bribe for good grades.)

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