This 'Frozen 2' Cookie Castle Kit Is Built With Sisterly Love & A *Lot* Of Frosting

I love cookie houses. There's just the small problem that I'm terrible at building them. I tend to be overly optimistic in my project choices, and in the end, they're an utter disaster. Having tried so many projects — and failing . — I am hopeful that this Frozen 2 sugar cookie ice castle is simple enough for even hopeless builders like me.

The kit is fairly large at over 12 inches tall and 11 inches wide, made of three pieces that lean into one another in what appears to be a fairly simple fashion. The kit has the added benefit of having everything laid out for you, from the frosting to the pre-baked sugar cookies to the paper cutouts of the characters. Does that mean that you won't inevitably make a mess of thing? Of course not, but it won't be the kit's fault.

Personally, I am confident that I can come up with a way to inadvertently make this adorable sugar cookie ice castle look like a haunted Victorian asylum. It's a gift. It's not because I can't bake or decorate, just the opposite, in fact. Where I fall apart is in the construction. Cookies were not meant to be walls, and yet, here we are, year after year, building cookie houses for fun. Did we learn nothing from the Three Little Pigs? Either way, I'm buying this to build with my kids, and if the wolf comes to huff and puff, I'll just tell him that the centers are chocolate and it would give him a dreadful stomachache.

I can easily see this becoming a family tradition. Each year, the family gathers together and makes a Frozen 2 sugar cookie ice castle, or whatever happens to be popular that year. You take pictures of the finished results, covered in sugary frosting and you a bit flush with frustration, but you'll have had fun, and even if your sugar cookie house looks more like something from a Stephen King novel than a selection on Disney+, your kids will still be so proud of themselves. That's the whole point of the venture, isn't it?

I remember my first attempt at making a gingerbread house. It was the Christmas of fourth grade, and my teacher brought in cookies for all of us to use to build a simple gingerbread house. It was four squares of gingerbread with two squares for the roof. Sweet toothed rebel that I was, I immediately took a bite out of one of the roof pieces and declared that spot the chimney. Then, I added way too much royal icing at the seams, and the whole thing collapsed on itself. When the teacher went to display all of our work along the large windowsill, mine conveniently found its way behind the Christmas tree in the corner of the room.

Unfortunately, my building skills have not improved that much in the intervening years. But maybe this Frozen 2 cookie castle kit can solve all my worries.