Get Ready To "Mom So Hard" With These Hilarious Videos

You know, it's not as easy to go viral with hilarious mom content as you might think. However two women from Nebraska, Jen Smedley and Kristin Hensley, shot straight to the internet big time when they launched their 2016 web series, #IMomSoHard. Now that they've taken their act on the road, why don't you take a stroll down memory lane and check out the funniest ever IMomSoHard YouTube videos.

With their first original stand-up special making its way to Amazon Prime Video, there is no better time than now to catch up on the IMomSoHard duo's video library.

New to IMomSoHard and their hilarious back and forth? That's OK. Suffice it to say they speak for everyone who's ever been a mother and thought, "I really wish I was having more fun right now." With Smedley and Hensley, nothing in the realm of motherhood or simply general life observations is off limits. Their first uploaded video, I Spanx So Hard, hit massive numbers just months after it was posted, catapulting the comediennes into full-fledged fame. Since then, they have been momming hard pretty much non-stop.

So if, before you watch their standup, you want to get in the right frame of mind: here are five of their funniest ever YouTube videos.

I Wine So Hard

Wine lovers unite. "We made it through another day," the two say in the video before discussing how many glasses of wine they toss back each night while watching House Hunters and crafting. Hensley and Smedley take you on a wild ride from stains (metaphorical and literal) to karaoke. "We gotta drink wine together," they say. "Cheers for all the moms out there."

I Activities So Hard

If your family planner looks anything like mine, you will definitely relate to Smedley and Hensley attempting to keep all of their kids' activities in order. From endless sports teams, to Hensley's contentious family calendar, to Smedley's middle school bowling league, I dare you not to laugh.

I AXE So Hard

Moms of boys: This video covers all the laugh-out-loud shenanigans that come with teaching your son how to clean his body properly. This may be an overt ad for the body spray, but as the mother of a boy, I relate to this one on a deep (smelly) level.

I Dance So Hard

If you've also taken Russian folk dance classes (a great tool for breakdancing FYI), this dance video is for you. The ladies go down their top dance moves, discussing how much slower their bottom halves move compared to their top halves. Yup.

I Spanx So Hard

There is a reason Hensley and Smedley have become as popular as they are, and it's called I Spanx So Hard, one of their most viewed clips ever. "You can have all of this and still eat casserole," Hensley jokes, sliding her hand over several layers of shape-wear. "All you have to do is wear three Spanx," replies Smedley. Who needs to breathe anyway, right?

There are not a lot of moms who can relate to the Influencer Moms on Instagram with their perfectly groomed children and attractive beige linen pants. What moms can all relate to though? #IMomSoHard.

I Mom So Hard Live is now streaming on Amazon Prime.