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The Funniest First Presidential Debate Tweets Made Digs At One Candidate

The first presidential debate at Hofstra University was the first time that people had any opportunity to see Donald Trump in action against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Clinton, who has years of policy experience and knowledge, isn't someone that most people would want to go head to head with in a debate. And the funniest first presidential debate tweets noted that while also making fun of Trump's serious lack of qualifications.

Common themes of tweets on Monday night were either making fun of Trump, calling Clinton terrible names, or talking about how important alcohol will be for those watching the debate.

The election is essentially tied between Trump and Clinton, so the debates collectively could greatly affect who wins those last few percentage points before the Nov. 8 election day. According to CNN, Clinton prepped by doing mock debates with former aide, while Trump watched videos of Clinton while refraining from doing any "intense" preparation such as mock debates.

But, some tweeters didn't take aim at either of the candidates. Instead, some decided that the moderator, Holt, wasn't doing a very great job of moderating when Trump was badgering Clinton about President Barack Obama's policies.

Others pointed out sexism during the debate (because women are supposed to control all of their husbands' actions).

And of course, there for a few Game of Thrones' references:

Even the third-party candidates chimed in occasionally, because even though they weren't invited, they couldn't say out of the action.

Of course, many people didn't just make fun of Trump and Clinton, they also made fun of each of the candidates specific styles of speaking and quirks. For example, Trump repeatedly referred to cybersecurity as just "cyber," and it was at times unclear if he was talking about security or cyber warfare.

But one of the best moments of the night came when Trump said he has a better temperament than Clinton does. Not only did the audience laugh out loud (which isn't allowed, because the moderators wanted to make sure the candidates could speak as much as possible and without interruption), but people on Twitter just couldn't even deal with it.

This was Clinton's response, because how else do you respond to that?

And the Twitter responses were gold:

I don't know what just happened, but I need a Tempur-Pedic right now. Tweets from the debate made it clear that Trump was all over the place, and Clinton just had to maintain her composure to easily make herself seem like the more prepared and qualified candidate.