This 'Game Of Thrones' Year-End Marathon Will Save 2016

Hey all you Khaleesis and Jon Snows out there, "brace yourselves" because HBO is feeding into your Game of Thrones addiction with a year-end marathon. The channel will play one season per day, with the final season landing on New Year's Eve. If you choose to binge-watch the series with HBO, you can leave all of the bloodshed and gore in the horror that is 2016. Besides, playing a good Game of Thrones drinking game, and throwing some GoT parties would be a fun pregame to kick off the New Year. And even though it comes a day late, the unedited TV event is the ultimate Christmas present HBO could afford their diehard fans! It allows people to catch up, or simply watch to refresh their memories for the upcoming season 7.

The HBO marathon is also a good time for newbies to get involved with the fast-paced fantasy drama. So, hit up your friends, and prepare for some bloodshed, because first-timers are about to get hit really hard with some tears. I mean, let's be real, Game of Thrones is like watching gladiators in a lion's den. One of the main highlights of the show is to find out who is getting axed from the land of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros next. We as a human race must really enjoy watching people get picked off, if we didn't The Walking Dead wouldn't be a top show on TV right now. So if you're a GoT virgin and a Walking Dead vet, just picture more sex, and dragons instead of zombies, to get you started.

According to Geek, "the season finale was the highest rated episode ever, pulling a record 8.89 million viewers, and scored a 4.4 rating among adults 18-49." Damn, that's a lot of eyeballs! Speaking of eyes, make sure to close yours in between episodes, and during commercials. Considering that each episode is about an hour, you will need to rest a bit in between episodes to prevent straining them.

Now that you've got the rundown, hop on your imaginary sword throne (aka your couch), and try your best not to get too attached to the characters because most of them have the life-span of a goldfish, IF that.