Y'all, Literally Everything At Gap Is 40% Off, & You're Going To Want To Stock Up

I am a dyed-in-the-wool Gap fan — I started wearing their clothes way back when their logo was just GAP on a white t-shirt. I've had countless pairs of Gap jeans, Gap khakis, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I recently purchased a pair of Gap overalls. I'm a 90s kid at heart after all. My daughter also loves The Gap and has become quite the enthusiast of their wares, many of which have already made it onto her Christmas list for the year. Basically, Gap must've read my mind because right now everything at Gap is 40 percent off, and I am here for it.

Every once in a while, especially between seasons, The Gap has a gigantic sale like this. With code FALL, everything is 40 percent off — and they mean everything. But that's not the only promotion going. In order to clear out stock to start bringing in winter merchandise (because retailers don't care if it's still 80 degrees), they're offering steep discounts on already reduced items as well as free shipping with purchases totaling over $100. You'll also save an extra 10 percent off at checkout if you use code FAVES. That's a sizable discount for the already reasonably priced brand. My wallet is very grateful.

I remember the first Gap outfit my mom bought me. My next door neighbor, whom I idolized, had a collection of Gap clothing. T-shirts, cut-off shorts, gingham bikinis, the lot of it. I wanted it all. Alas, budgets being what they were, and my mother being of a practical nature, she put off my pleas for the classic pocket tee for a very long time. One day she must've been feeling particularly generous after forcing me to spend hours poring over the latest in business lady fashions at Dillard's with her, and she took me into the hallowed halls of The Gap.

I can still remember the smell of late-90s Gap like it was yesterday. That combination of Gap Grass eau de parfum (still my favorite to this day), industrial dry cleaning solution, and the Windex they used to keep those mirrors gleaming. I walked in, shocked that I was inside, and confused. Then my mom said the words I'd been waiting to hear, "You can get two t-shirts." Ever since that moment in time, I've always had a Gap t-shirt or 12 in my closet. And you better believe that when everything at Gap is 40 percent off, I'm stocking up.

Recently, I've found that their workwear has become a staple for me. For many years, I relied on pricer stores like Club Monaco and Ann Taylor to supply my wardrobe, but I looked at my wardrobe and realized that I wanted a few pieces that I could change in and out to make things a bit more lively. That's where the Gap comes in. When I want to try a trend like wide-legged cropped suiting or even something as daring as leopard-print loafers to wear with my dresses and jeans, Gap fills that need without breaking the bank.

Not to mention that their baby clothes could not possibly get any cuter. For instance, right now, they have all of this Mickey and Minnie gear for babies and toddlers that I am dying over. And at these prices, you're likely not going to be devastated if something happens to one of your new t-shirts or overalls thanks to their affordability.