Karen Ballard/Netflix

The 'Girlboss' Soundtrack Is So Addictive

Netflix is known for producing great original TV shows, but there's another thing Netflix is awesome at: soundtracks. From The Get Down to 13 Reasons Why, Netflix series have some of the best soundtracks around and its latest project, Girlboss, is no exception. The series, which is loosely based on Sophia Amoruso's bestselling autobiography of the same name, follows Sophia as she goes from dumpster diving to selling vintage clothes on eBay to starting her very own online business. As viewers follow along Sophia's journey, they get to listen to the amazing music that makes up the Girlboss soundtrack. Here's just some of the best tracks you may hear while watching the show (as if you really needed more incentive).

The soundtrack is definitely eclectic, featuring some old school songs that are still iconic today, as well as various different genres including rock, rap, and classic soul. Even if you don't love all the songs on the soundtrack, there's definitely at least one song for you. There's "Wild One" by Jerry Lee Lewis that totally goes with Sophia's "wild child" aesthetic on the show. She knows she's different and she doesn't care whether people think what she's doing is crazy or if they think it's cool. She's doing as she pleases, no matter what — and we kinda love her for it.

From there, the show keeps up the "wild child" theme with "Rebel Girl" by Bikini Kill. However, there are also so slower beats to enjoy as well with "I've Got Dreams to Remember," by Otis Redding. The bluesy song is a reminder that while Sophia may love to give the finger to the world most days, she still struggles with failures, and just like anyone else, she's had moments where she wanted to give up. However, just as the song suggests, when Sophia falls, she's able to remember what she's working towards and pick herself up again.

The music also gets into the party vibe with classic throwbacks like "Get It Poppin" by Fat Joe ft. Nelly and keeps the party rolling with "Nasty Gal," by Betty Davis, which actually served as inspiration for Amoruso to give her fashion empire the same name, according to Vogue.

Other notable songs include "Teenage Dirtbag" by Wheatus and the more recent track "I'll Come Crashing" by A Giant Dog, which continued to haunt Sophia throughout the final episode after (spoiler alert from Episode 12!) she sees Shane cheating on her. The alternative rock songs definitely seem to align with Sophia's personality and help tell the story of her journey as she embarks on a fascinating career.

You can hear all these songs and many more now if you head over to Netflix, where Girlboss is currently streaming.