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The Grinch Build-A-Bear Is Making My Heart Grow 3 Sizes

I read a lot of familiar books that celebrate the Christmas season with my children, and one of our all-time favorites is Dr. Seuss' classic, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The thought of cuddling up with our own Grinch from Build-A-Bear Workshop is sending my Christmas heart straight into Whoville territory. With soft green fur and the official "Dr. Seuss' The Grinch" movie logo on his paw pad, this Grinch is a fun way to relive the magic of Dr. Seuss' timeless story and associated films. You also have the ability to add sounds and outfits to a plush Grinch stuffed animal, or simply buy the Grinch accessories for a bear you already own. This online exclusive is sure to be a hit with any little tyke who loves the Grinch or is just being introduced to him for the first time. As the Build-A-Bear Workshop website states, "The Grinch might have invented the Naughty List, but he makes a perfect gift for anyone on the Nice List!"

During this hectic time of year, we can all use a reminder of the importance of Christmas and the holiday season. As Dr. Seuss demonstrated in The Grinch's plan and ultimate transformation, it's not the presents that matter, it's being with the people we love the most. While you might be a "mean one," Mr. Grinch, you're looking pretty cute now.


The Grinch Santa Suit Gift Bundle

In this exclusive online gift bundle, you'll receive a Grinch furry friend (on his paw pad you will find the official "Dr. Seuss' The Grinch" movie logo) and a three-piece Grinch Santa outfit that includes a hat, coat, and boots.


The Grinch Santa Suit Gift Bundle With Sound

In this exclusive online bundle, you'll receive the green furry Grinch bear; a three-piece Grinch Santa outfit that includes a hat, coat, and boots; and most importantly, sound! By squeezing The Grinch, you'll hear six of his favorite lines from the movie: "I'm the GRINCH!", "What's Santa have that I don't?", "It's time to steal Christmas!", "Ho, Ho, NO!", "It's Snow Time!" and "Merry Christmas, Whoville!" Your Grinch will really come alive as he reminds you, ultimately, of the true meaning of Christmas.


Online Exclusive Young Grinch

While the young Grinch is currently sold out on the website, I hope Build-A-Bear will consider making a few more in their workshop before Christmas arrives. Isn't this plush furry green friend as cute as he can possibly be?


Happy Hugs Teddy #TeamGrinch Gift Set

This classic teddy bear with soft, light brown fur and a cheery smile will be so snugly for your little one this holiday season. Personalize this 16-inch "Happy Hugs" Teddy Bear with clothing and accessories to make the perfect unique gift. With his #TeamGrinch festive hoodie, this little guy and his accessories are the perfect style choice for anyone planning to make The Grinch part of their holiday cheer. He comes with charcoal jeans, a Build-A-Bear Workshop button, and a bear emblem tag on the left hip. On his feet, you'll find some plush green shoes.


#TeamGrinch Hoodie Clothing Accessory

There's a little bit of Grinch in all of us, so let everyone know your furry friend is #TeamGrinch with this festive lime green and white hoodie! This bear-sized hoodie is the perfect style choice for anyone thinking Grinchy thoughts this holiday.


The Grinch Feet Accessory

Grinch-proof your furry friend's Christmas look with these awesome plush Grinch feet. These fuzzy green shoes are a wonderfully awful footwear choice for your stuffy's paws, or the perfect way to complete a Grinch outfit. Honestly, I kind of wish these came in adult sizes — they look pretty comfy.