I Need An Entire Forest Of Trees For All Of These Hallmark Halloween Ornaments

by Cat Bowen

Too long, Halloween has been denied so much of the traditions we afford to other holidays and thankfully, those days are coming to an end. Now Halloween is getting the swag it deserves with the Hallmark Halloween ornaments that will thrill any of the spooky holiday's superfans.

The ornaments could be hung from your very own Halloween tree, or just around the house. They're as cutesy and sweet as you'd expect from Hallmark, with just enough goth representation to appease folks like me who like a more traditional Halloween look. The ornaments and Keepsakes range in price from $9 to $40, and are available online right now.

I'm so glad to see Halloween given the full ornament treatment by Hallmark, and I am sure many other Halloween devotees are as well. Not only because not everyone celebrates Christmas, and are therefore shut out of the ornament market, but because Halloween is a genuinely wonderful and fun holiday, and it should be given a little bit more love than it has. What other holiday do you get to dress up, get absolutely chocolate wasted, and all of the stores are still open for business in case you forgot something important? Exactly.

These ornaments are the perfect way to start a new tradition and a new collection.


Snoopy, Because Of Course

This little Snoopy ornament could not be more adorable. He's ready for Halloween with his Lone Ranger mask, cape, those tiny fangs, and trick-or-treat bag. I hope that next year they include a Halloween version of his doghouse, because I really feel like I need that to hang beside him.


Little Witch

When I think of "Hallmark ornament," this is what I think of. Absolutely kitschy, totally over-the-top sugary sweet, and totally irresistible. I want it so much. I do wish she came in another skin tone, but hopefully next year.


Give It To Me Goth

This is what I'm talking about right here. These gothic-but-cute ornaments have such beautiful details included. The crescent moon hanging from the bottom, to the gold trim around the pearlescent colors — it's all so stunning.


Baby Monster Not Named Reneesme

OK, so I know school looks different this year, but tell me this doesn't look like something an elementary school teacher would display on the bookshelf behind their desk? My fifth grade teacher had all kinds of things like this, and I kind of want to mail her one, even though she's retired. I want one for myself, too.