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'Handmaid's Tale' Season 2 Theories Try To Answer Burning Questions

There's bound to be a lot to debate after the Season 1 finale of The Handmaid's Tale. It was an episode full of surprising plot turns and revelations that saw many of the characters put in new positions or finding their way to unexpected destinations. The ending was also incredibly vague. In the final moments of the last episode, June a.k.a. Offred was taken out of the Waterfords' home in a black van by guards who were presumably Eyes, though her fate was ultimately left ambiguous. She could have been being taken into custody by the government or Mayday spies in disguise could have been helping her escape. These The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 theories try to figure out what June's future might hold.

The end of Season 1 mirrors the end of Margaret Atwood's novel, but the fact that the Hulu series is getting another season means it will be exploring Gilead far beyond the bounds of the book. Fans might have been able to predict what would happen on the show before if they'd read the source material, but now it's all a mystery. Literally anything could happen in the upcoming season, which promises to expand on The Handmaid's Tale in new ways. Here are some ways it could do just that.

The Fall Of Gilead

Season 1 explored how Gilead came to be and what life was like under the regime, so perhaps Season 2 will explore how that society breaks down. There was a resistance group working to undermine the government, and Waterford mentioned acts of rebellion to Serena Joy in the finale. The book's epilogue indicted that Gilead did not last longterm. It's possible Season 2 will show how it all falls apart.

The Eyes Took June

There are two possibilities when it comes to June's fate after the first season. She disobeyed direct orders when she refused to take part in a Salvaging, so it's possible she was taken in by the Eyes either to punish her or put her on trial like Emily was when she was discovered breaking Gilead rules. June's pregnancy would likely protect her from being killed, but some other cruel fate could await her.

As for the other possibility...

June Escapes

The men who took June could have been part of Mayday, the resistance, but disguised as Eyes so they wouldn't draw attention to themselves. If that was the case, then Season 2 could follow her escaping to Canada and reconnecting with Moira and Luke. It would explore their attempts to fight against the Gileadan regime from the outside.

June Finds Her Daughter

If June gets out of Gilead alive, then her first priority would likely be to find her daughter, Hannah. She has confirmation that Hannah is alive and not too far away from where the Waterfords lived, so she's off to a good start. June attempting to rescue Hannah could also bring her back into the country, giving the show a way to keep the action grounded in Gilead.

June Undercover

In an elaboration on the above theory, Reddit user monsterlynn speculates that June could return to Gilead undercover to try to find Hannah and undermine the regime, which would once again keep the show in its familiar setting while advancing the story. It could also provide glimpses of what life is like in other parts of Gilead, and give Elisabeth Moss some Alias-style disguises in the process. Just kidding! That would change the tone of the show entirely, so it's not quite as plausible.

The future of The Handmaid's Tale may be assured, but the future of its characters are far from it. Season 2 might introduce any number of twists, so all fans can do is wait and see.