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The Milk Supply-Boosting Jamba Juice Order

If you're a breastfeeding mom, you might've spent hours online researching foods that claim to boost milk supply. It's certainly hard to deny the compelling evidence that certain foods help lactating mamas. Sometimes though, you just want someone to make the milk-boosting foods for you. You're presumably exhausted and busy taking care of a baby, and occasionally it might be nice to just stroll down the street and have someone make you a healthy snack or meal. Thankfully, the Jamba Juice order that could increase your milk supply is waiting for you and you don't have to grocery shop for it. Even better, you can take it to go.

The item at Jamba Juice that could hopefully help with upping your milk is the Island Pitaya Energy Bowl. (Unfortunately it's not one of those creamy, chocolate treat smoothies. Sorry moms.) Many of the ingredients in the energy bowl might give your body the boost it needs to make more milk, however the main milk booster in the bowl is the granola. The granola gets the gold medal in milk making properties.

According to the Fit Day website, granola is made out of oats and other things like seeds, nuts, and possibly dried fruit. It's usually sweetened with a plethora of ingredients like molasses, agave, maple syrup, etc. The oats in the granola are considered galactogogues which are herbs or food items that help increase breast milk supply, according to Kelly Mom.

Not only is the granola in the energy bowl going to boost your supply into the breastfeeding stratosphere, but so will all of the seeds. The bowl contains organic pumpkin flax seeds and chia seeds, which are also considered galactogogues, according to Belly Belly.

(Both Belly Belly and Kelly Mom noted, however, there is no scientific evidence to back up oats or granola as a definite way to increase your milk supply. That being said, there is overwhelming anecdotal evidence of women touting galactogogues in online threads as supply game changers.)

Besides the granola and seeds, the other crucial ingredient in the Island Pitaya Energy Bowl is the pitaya, which is commonly called dragon fruit. According to Fit Day, the exotic fruit is packed with lots of vitamins and minerals (specifically loads of Vitamins B, C and calcium). It also contains lots of phytochemicals, which are disease fighting compounds found in plants, as explained in Very Well. Beyond their antioxidant qualities they may also help with milk production in women. A 2013 study published in the Journal of Applied Biosciences, found that phytochemicals may actually be galactogogues and can possibly encourage the synthesis and secretion of breast milk.

An important thing to consider. Although eating these galactogogues-rich foods are great for your diet, it won't solve a supply issue completely. There are some other milk increasing tactics that you'll need to employ at the same exact time to successfully boost your supply. Some of these methods have nothing to do with the food you're eating. The best possible approach is an integrated approach, and if you still find you're struggling a certified lactation consultant can always be found online or near you.

That being said, a refreshing bowl couldn't hurt, right?