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The Jamba Juice Order That Could Induce Labor

As you approach the end of your pregnancy, things can get pretty cramped and uncomfortable. It's common for moms who are at, or even beyond, their due date to consider trying any and all at-home induction methods they can get their hands on. And although there's no one scientifically proven way to induce your labor at home, there are lots of moms who swear that something they ate kickstarted their labor. If smoothies are your weapon of choice, you're going to want to know the Jamba Juice order to induce labor — or at least move you a little bit closer.

Before we get to the fruity, good stuff, it's worth noting that simply drinking a Jamba Juice smoothie, eating the spiciest meal you can find, or doing any one DIY induction method doesn't guarantee your baby is going to arrive. However, it's been a long nine months and, at the very least, you deserve a smoothie. If it happens to help get your contractions going, then bonus points for you.

That said, the next time you grace a Jamba Juice with your presence, be sure to order the biggest size you can of their Citrus Kick freshly squeezed juice. With one ingredient that has long been suspected of starting contractions, and loads of other healthy add-ins, it's more than worth a shot.

The juice is made with fresh pineapple, which according to the New Health Advisor, contains bromelain, a type of proteolytic enzyme thought to help soften your cervix and even get contractions going. Most experts note that the amount of bromelain in a single pineapple is small, so the effect may be less than what you were hoping for, but hey, it's totally worth a shot.

If you're looking for another option to try, Jamba Juice's Green Fuision smoothie kit contains pineapple, mango, and kiwi, all of which contain bromelain. If you're really getting serious, order the Citrus Kick juice, and a smoothie kit for at home, and wait for the contractions to (hopefully) start rolling.