'The Jungle Book' Trailer Aired During The Super Bowl, & Umm, It Needs To Come Out Now

Alright, I'm aware that I'm supposed to be paying attention to the actual main event happening on the field (Beyoncé) or even watching the opening act (a bunch of dudes doing .. .whatever; wearing shiny leggings), but The Jungle Book trailer aired during the Super Bowl and now all I can do is feel the beautifully childlike wonder that this story has filled me with since long before this wasted world sullied my once-pristine spirit. Ugh. I know we could all be cynical and talk about how this movie is not necessary and probably won't be as magical as the original animated version, but could we just not? Can't we just go with these feelings? Because this movie looks kind of incredible.

Maybe I'm inclined to love this remake of the Rudyard Kipling novel-turned-animated-Disney-classic simply because my love of this story and these characters is too woven into the fabric of who I am (me annnnnnd literally every other person who has been a kid sometime between 1967 and now), and my fundamentally programming as a human being will not allow me to hate on anything Jungle Book-related. Or maybe this movie just looks legitimately awesome. Either way, I'm pretty amped for April to get here so I can see more.

For now, here's the bear necessities (get it?):

Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate how this trailer made everyone on the Internet have the exact same (adorable) reaction?

See? This movie is obviously magic. Just go with it.