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If You Need A Fun-Loving Cast Check Out This Hallmark Movie ASAP

When a network like Hallmark rolls out a string of themed-movies (Christmas, Valentine's, etc.), you know exactly what you're going to get: a feel-good flick with talented actors. The network is nothing if not consistent with content and the June Weddings lineup is no different. The list of actors may not all be the biggest names in the biz, but they're worth checking out. The Last Bridesmaid cast will remind you how to fall in love again.

The wedding-themed Hallmark film is executive produced by lead actress, Rachel Boston, and was partially inspired by her real life experiences. She previously told Hidden Remote, "The bulk of it did start at my brother’s wedding. I was the maid of honor and everyone at that wedding started asking me, because I’ve done so many wedding movies, when are you getting married?"

As for what the movie is about, Boston plays Becca — a woman participating in her 10th wedding as a bridesmaid to her cousin Lucie. During all the events leading up to the big day, she unexpectedly falls for the videographer, Kyle (played by Paul Campbell) and finds her happy ending after all. The entire cast of The Last Bridesmaid is phenomenal and might make you wish you could slow dance at someone's wedding reception soon.

Rachel Boston

According to Boston's IMBD page, she's a Tennessee gal who took the plunge and moved to NYC when she was just 17 years old where she landed a scholarship at New York University. One of her first big roles was in American Dreams as Beth Mason. In the time since, she's been tearing up the big and small screen in everything from 500 Days of Summer to Witches of East End.

As executive producer of The Last Bridesmaid, she also co-produced Christmas in Angel Falls for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and Love at First Dance for Hallmark Channel as well as the independent feature Black Marigolds. If you scan her Instagram page, you'll see how much she loves acting, her co-stars, and being Rachel Boston in general. It's not a bad life, especially playing the leading role of Becca in the wedding film of the summer.

Paul Campbell

Campbell is a Canadian-born actor who got his big break as a series regular in Syfy’s Battlestar Galactica. He's also been on projects like Knight Rider (the re-make), and Almost Heroes. His resume is a lengthy one, and this isn't his first Hallmark flick. You may have seen him in Surprised by Love and Sun, Sand & Romance as well as A Godwink Christmas for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. After taking a peek at his Instagram page, it's clear he's a fun guy to hang around with. Whether it's pics of his adorable son or beautiful wife, or goofing around behind the scenes, Campbell is one to keep your eye on — especially as Boston's counterpart, Kyle, who earns her heart at the most unlikely time.

Stephanie Bennett

Bennett has been in the acting game since '10, so you may recognize her from any of her many projects like Supernatural or UnREAL. She plays Becca's cousin, Lucie, who's enjoying the thrills of her own wedding and even tries to set Becca up with her beau's best man. Bennett's Instagram page reveals how adventurous and glamorous she can be, depending on the day.

Clayton Chitty

Chitty is another Canadian-bred actor in this one and acting wasn't even his first career. Well, not technically. He also directed and edited films he and his friends made as kids, which is pretty cool. After a move to LA, he began appearing in shows like Arrow, Supernatural, The Killing, Fringe, and King & Maxwell. Fun fact: He also played Kevin Federline (Britney Spears's ex-husband) in the movie Her Infidelity for Lifetime. His Instagram page has a lot of photos with his love, actress Celeste Ziegler, as well as a shot of the fur baby they just adopted together. I can't say "aww" enough.

Jeremy Guilbaut

Though Guilbaut plays Aiden in The Last Bridesmaid, he's been in all sorts of things since the late '90s. You might recognize him from Battlestar Galactica, or more recently, When Calls the Heart. When he's not acting, this fellow Canadian also produces. His latest, Z, just wrapped. His Instagram page shows how fun-loving this guy is with photos of him with friends and family, all over the world. Basically, he's the epitome of rom-com all wrapped up in one — and I mean that as the highest compliment there is.

So there you have it folks, the people who will be making magic in The Last Bridesmaid. And something tells me you'll see them all again in future Hallmark classics.